Newswise — LEXINGTON, Ky. (Dec. 1, 2016) —The end-of-year holidays are upon us, and for many it’s a time made all the more meaningful by food. Dishes that are family traditions can evoke powerful memories of coming together with loved ones to celebrate and reflect.

But what if the foods that elicited such strong memory and emotion in us no longer tasted the same? How would we react if we could no longer enjoy the experience of breaking bread with family and friends?

"Behind the Blue" is a podcast series from the University of Kentucky. In this episode, our three guests have been exploring that very idea of taste, smell, and how our nerve receptors interpret that information.

Dan Han is a UK Neuropsychologist and the Director of Neurobehavioral Studies at the UK Sports Medicine Research Institute. Tim McClintock is a UK Physiology professor working in neural regeneration. And Ouita Michel is a nationally acclaimed chef and owner of the Holly Hill Inn in Lexington, Ky. Together, they are forging new paths in a field called Neurogastronomy,which examines how the brain creates taste perceptions. Their work explores how to change and enhance the mechanics of the flavors of foods, how we experience them, and how this may impact the world in areas of clinical and nutritional science, both on a personal and a global level.

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