Newswise — June 7, 2021 – Keeping a consistent supply of desirable strawberries is an ongoing process by farmers and scientists alike. The June 7th, 2021 Sustainable, Secure Food Blog highlights some current research focusing on strawberries.

According to the blog, “Research is helping strawberries become disease resistant and adaptable to climate change. Another factor being researched is how different types of fertilization can affect the nutrient content of strawberries, increasing their superfood status.”

A team at UC Davis is looking at how strawberry cultivars that show different disease resistance recruit good microorganisms from the soil environment. Plants can recruit these good microorganisms that could colonize the roots.

Meanwhile, a research team at California Polytechnic State University is researching the use of growth-promoting bacteria and fungi as biostimulants for growing strawberries. Studies have shown these biostimulants can have positive effects on plant health, fruit yield, or disease management for other crops.

To learn more about these studies and more, read the entire blog:

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