Newswise — Apr. 9, 2018 – Choosing the right fertilizer or pesticide for your needs can be overwhelming. The April 7th Sustainable, Secure Food blog explains how to make the right choice, and why following label directions is important.

“No matter which product you end up selecting, the most important step before applying is to thoroughly read the label and all instructions,” says Tracy Wilson, Central Oregon Research Center. “Just like you look at the dose of your pain reliever, you should check to see the best dose of fertilizers and pesticides!”

Wilson recommends soil testing before any treatment with a fertilizer. “You might be able to save some money and apply less fertilizer. Or you might just need to add one specific nutrient, and not others,” Wilson says.

Pesticides also deserve well-informed use. “As with any household chemical, it is critical to follow the label instructions and exercise caution when handling,” Wilson warns. “Improper use can pollute air, water, and soil.”

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