Newswise — Fallout from the disturbing allegations of longstanding sexual misconduct by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein continues this week. As stories of harassment and assault continue to emerge, the issue of complicity is also being cast into the spotlight. Why was Weinstein allowed to continue in a position of power for as long as he was?  Why didn’t others in the entertainment industry call for a stop to the behavior earlier on? University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law Professor Amos Guiora is available to discuss the role of the bystanders and the crime of complicity in standing by in sexual assault and sexual harassment cases.  Guiora is the author of the recently published book “The Crime of Complicity: The Bystander in the Holocaust.” Guiora was also the faculty organizer of an event held at the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law designed to explore the role of the bystander in historical events, like the Holocaust, but also the role of the bystander in issues of rape culture, sexual assault and sexual harassment.  Guiora is available for interviews on the Weinstein case in the context of the role of the bystander.


Guiora is available by phone (216) 470-6386

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