John Balmes, MD

Dr. Balmes is an ATS expert who has done numerous interviews on the effect of the California wildfires on residents' lung health. He is available to discuss the air quality in the context of the wildfires now affecting California. 

W. Graham Carlos, MD, MSCR, ATSF

Dr. Carlos leads the ATS group charged with providing patient and provider evidence-based recommendations in response to global respiratory events. 

He is associate professor at Indiana University and chief of medicine as well as pulmonary and critical care at Eskenazi Hospital. Dr. Carlos can discuss what residents can do to protect themselves from the effects of smoke and other pollutants.

Shazia Jamil, MD, ATSF

Dr. Jamil is a member of the California Thoracic Society, a chapter of the American Thoracic Society, and co-author of the latest wildfires disaster document.

She is a specialist in pulmonary medicine, critical care medicine and sleep medicine at Scripps Clinic and University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. 

Dr. Jamil is available to discuss the risks of wildfires exposure and what residents can do to protect themselves from smoke and other pollutants.