WIU MBA Director, with International Economics Expertise, Available for Commentary on China Stock Market

Expert Pitch

MACOMB, IL — William Polley, associate professor of economics at Western Illinois University, is available for comment on China's troubled stock market—and the impact its significant downward turn is having on the world markets.

Polley is also the director of WIU's Master's of Business Administration (MBA) program and interim associate dean of Western's College of Business and Technology.

Polley received his Ph.D. in economics from The University of Iowa in 1999. His primary research interests are in macroeconomics and international economics, and he has published a paper on monopoly pricing and has a paper on a famous problem in probability, "the birthday problem." He teaches macroeconomics at the principles, intermediate and graduate levels.

For more information about Polley's background and areas of expertise, see www.wiu.edu/cbt/eds/fac_staff/polley.php.

Contact Polley at (309) 298-2442 or via email at WJ-Polley@wiu.edu.

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