Newswise — Wichita State Communication Sciences and Disorders Professor Ray Hull has co-authored a new book, "The Art of Communication," with New York Times best-selling author Jim Stovall.

The "Art of Communication" is the first book in the new personal development series, "Your Ultimate Guide," intended to help readers gain business success through effective communication. The second book, "The Art of Presentation," is scheduled to be released later this year. Four more books will follow, each focusing on a different area of communication.

Hull and Stovall are longtime friends and colleagues, and their unique accomplishments and personal experiences make them experts in the complex field of communication.

"The biggest misconception people have about communication is they think they know how to do it," said Hull.

He says one of the most common mistakes people make is not being aware of the speed at which they are speaking.

"When a person is speaking too quickly, the listener's central nervous system cannot process and comprehend the speech rapidly enough for their words to be understood," said Hull. "Speed equals lack of precision."

This is especially true with children. Depending on their age, studies show a child's central nervous system can process speech with reasonable accuracy when words are spoken at a rate of approximately 124 to 140 words per minute. The problem is, the typical adult rate of speaking is 160 to 180 words per minute. Many teachers and parents unknowingly speak too quickly to children, and then complain that they aren't listening.

"There is a good reason why children have long been fascinated by Mr. Rogers of 'Mr. Roger's Neighborhood'," said Hull. "Fred Rogers spoke at a rate of around 124 words per minute on his television show, and he may have been one of the only adults young children could understand without difficulty."

The book also addresses other important aspects of interpersonal communication such as written words, non verbal communication, active listening, public speaking and conflict resolution.

The "Art of Communication" will be released in May 2016 and be available for purchase online and at bookstores around the country. In addition to the printed version, it will also be available as a digital audio book and e-book. It is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

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