Newswise — With Yahoo’s core business up for sale a number of tech, media and private equity firms have expressed interest in taking over the firm. The list of potential bidders includes the U.K.’s Daily mail, which recently confirmed its plan to launch a bid in coordination with other investors. Aija Leiponen, associate professor at Cornell University’s Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management says that while the Daily Mail would offer some opportunities, Yahoo needs to take advantage of content services it already has and should not expand its tabloid material.Bio:

Leiponen says:“It makes a lot of sense for Yahoo to expand in the news content area as it lost the battle for search and email a long time ago to Google. Yahoo also needs to figure out how to survive in the age of mobile communication. The arena of online news is hyper-competitive, however, and the company will need to find ways to credibly differentiate from the Huffington Post and many other popular news websites.

“The Daily Mail would offer an opportunity to gain a foothold overseas and there is certainly similarity in the type of tabloid news content these companies currently specialize in on their front pages. However, I don’t immediately see deeper, ongoing synergies beyond the tabloid material and I’m not convinced that this acquisition offers many innovation opportunities beyond securing financing.

“I think Yahoo needs to look for ways to become the essential mobile information platform by taking advantage of both its valuable content services – Yahoo Finance, Sports – and its social networks – Flickr and Tumblr. Yahoo cannot just serve search-engine optimized celebrity scandals, which anyone can do.”

Cornell University has television, ISDN and dedicated Skype/Google+ Hangout studios available for media interviews.

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