RUSH is among the nation’s leading hospitals for identifying, treating and protecting against COVID-19. Throughout the pandemic and with onset of the highly contagious omicron variant, RUSH experts are able to speak to all aspects of this global battle – from the clinical frontlines to those most at risk in Chicago’s neighborhoods, in testing, efficacy of treatment and trends in the spread of the virus.

If your newsroom is in need of expertise from across the spectrum of ways the latest surge is impacting Chicago, Illinois, and the U.S., please contact a member of the RUSH media relations team to schedule an interview. 

RUSH COVID-19 Surge, Omicron Variant Response:

As CEO of RUSH University Medical Center and as a critical care physician, Dr. Lateef is able to discuss a variety of topics involving COVID-19, including RUSH’s overall surge plan and the challenges faced in Chicago, Illinois and across the nation.

Dr. Casey can talk on a wide variety of topics involving COVID-19 such as preventive measures, telehealth, patient care and Rush’s facilities.

As CEO of RUSH, Dr. Krishnan is can speak on a variety of topics including the RUSH system preparedness for COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Omicron Variant – Testing and Sequencing 

Dr. Hayden is a great source for COVID-19, prevention, variants and rise in cases. She helps lead Rush’s work tracking the virus in Chicago.

Green can talk about the new COVID variants and how SARS-CoV-2 is being tracked in Chicago through genomic sequencing.

  • Hannah Barbian, PhD | Genomic and Molecular Research, Virologist

Barbian is an expert in studying how viruses evolve, from becoming more contagious to eluding vaccines. She is a scientist for the Regional Innovative Public Health Lab at Rush, which does work for Chicago Department of Public Health.

Omicron Variant – Therapeutics, Transmissibility and Personal Safety

Dr. Segreti is a great source of information to talk about preventing the spread of COVID-19, such as masking, social distancing, testing etc.

Dr. Lin is a great source for information about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. He has been the go-to expert for explaining what it is, signs and symptoms, origin and how you care for a patient with COVID-19.

Dr. Sha is a great source to talk about COVID-19 and clinical trials for vaccines.    

  • Alexander Tomich, DNP, RN, CIC | Associate Vice President, Regulatory and Clinical Effectiveness, Infection Prevention and Control

Tomich can talk on a wide variety of topics, whether it be preventive measures or caring for people with infectious diseases.

Community/Neighborhood Response and Impact

As RUSH’s first leader of community health equity, a role he assumed in October of 2016, Dr. David Ansell leads RUSH’s strategy to be a catalyst for community health and economic vitality on Chicago’s West Side.

Moss is an expert in the strategic development of self-sustaining nurse-managed care delivery models within communities and built environments. Under her leadership, the Faculty Practice has grown over 550% in the past 4 years where more than 60 faculty clinicians provide nursing care to Chicago’s most vulnerable populations.

Dr. Davis has been extensively involved in community response to the pandemic, including work with [email protected] and Connect Chicago COVID-19 testing and vaccine initatives.

Quality, Data Analytics, Local and National Trends

  • Tom Webb | Associate Vice President, Quality Analytics

Webb has been tracking COVID-19 since before it arrived in the United States and has been accurately predicting surges, caseloads and the impact on hospital censuses for nearly two years.

Dr. Stein leads quality achievement, assessment and strategy and is an expert in pulmonary and critical care, particularly related to COVID-19.

Mental Health and Wellness 

As a psychologist who works directly with patients who are recovering from a critical illness, Hardin is a great source for talking about the mental health aspects of COVID, what to expect if you or a family member is treated in the intensive care unit with COVID-19 and understanding the phases of recovering from a critical illness.

As a professor of psychiatry, Dr. Krishnan has authored more than 50 textbook chapters and 450 peer-reviewed papers on the subjects of elderly depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s, panic disorder, bipolar disorder in late life and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Dr. Shulman and his team primarily focus on treatment of depressions and/or unstable mood states in the bipolar conditions, particularly for those who have not been successfully treated elsewhere.

COVID-19 Fundamentals, Emergency Response and Vaccine Hesitancy

Dr. Shah is a great source for information when it comes to telemedicine related to COVID-19, as well as the impact of COVID on the Emergency Department.

Dr. Ward is a great source of information for COVID-19 and the Emergency Department.

Dr. Logan is the go-to expert when it comes to children and COVID-19 and multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children.

Dr. Lambert offers the perspective of the family physician, and he is very experienced in addressing vaccine hesitancy.

Dr. Gonzalez is an infectious disease expert who can discuss prevention of COVID-19 and vaccine hesitancy in English and Spanish.

  • Theodore Corbin, MD | Emergency Medicine

Dr. Corbin is a great source of information for COVID-19 and the Emergency Department.

Dr. Davenport is a great source of information for COVID-19 and the Emergency Department.

Dr. Lopez is a great source of information for COVID-19 treatment and addressing vaccine hesitancy.

If you have an interest in interviewing any of these RUSH experts, please contact a member of the RUSH media relations team to schedule an interview.