Matti Vartiainen is a senior advisor and professor (emer.) of work and organizational psychology at Aalto University. His research focuses on organizational innovations, digital work, new ways of working (mobile and multi-locational work, distributed teams and organizations), collaborative working environments (CWE), knowledge and competence building and e-learning systems. His latest book is: Schaffers, H., Vartiainen, M. & Bus, J. (Eds.) (2020) Digital Innovation and the Future of Work

Quote: 'One reason why Finnish employees responded so positively to ‘obligatory’ remote work in our survey may be their earlier experience of remote work. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2018, 28% of all Finnish employees had an agreement with their employer to work outside the main office or workplace. Among knowledge work professionals the number is actually much higher with 63% of men and 56% of women knowledge-workers working remotely. That being said, remote work among blue collar workers is far less common: only 3% do it.’

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