Federal health agencies have asked for a temporary distribution suspension of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after instances of blood clots linked to the shots. The decision is expected to halt or limit U.S. rollout of the vaccine, and Johns Hopkins University experts can offer perspective and commentary on the news.


Tinglong Dai is an associate professor at the Carey Business School. Dai is a health care analytics expert who has closely focused on management and operations issues during the vaccine rollout. He has commented previously on the risks of the J&J vaccine, as well as the supply chain demands.


Ruth Faden is the founder of the Berman Institute of Bioethics and a professor of biomedical ethics in the Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is an internationally renowned expert on the ethics of vaccine development and distribution. She currently serves on the World Health Organization's Working Group on Covid-19 vaccines and has written about the importance of utilizing J&J vaccines among hard-to-reach populations.


Jeffrey Kahn is the director of the Berman Institute of Bioethics and a professor of bioethics and public policy in the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Kahn is a national expert on issues at the intersection of ethics and health policy. He has written extensively about the principle of harm reduction in public health, and the ethics of research with human subjects.





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