Lane Rolling MD, Virologist, Trauma Surgeon and Military Veteran Joins Nitric Oxide Innovations as Its Chief Science Officer

2-Feb-2021 12:30 PM EST, by Nitric Oxide Innovations, LLC

Newswise — Austin, TX…February 2, 2021. ,Dr. Nathan S. Bryan, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Nitric Oxide Innovations, announced today that Dr. Rolling will be joining his company as Chief Science Officer (CSO).

“We are honored and excited to have Dr. Rolling join our team.  His expertise in virology and infectious disease combined with his international recognition as a trusted physician will help us inform and educate the African American community on this important study and lead our efforts even after the clinical study, says Dr. Bryan. 

“Dr. Lane Rolling, M.D. is a well-known infectious disease expert, trauma surgeon and military veteran. Dr. Rolling, is a certified chemical and biological warfare expert who is dedicated to saving lives and eradicating the coronavirus is also a member of COVID-19 Health Care Task Force of the Congressional Black Caucus. His mission is driven by his passion to change today’s COVID-19 statistics to create a brighter tomorrow, especially for the African American community,” Bryan said.   

Rolling said, “I am very excited to join NOi.  We have known for decades about the health disparities of African Americans. Since COVID-19, it has become even more clear that more African Americans are hospitalized and die from COVID-19 than any other community. No one has addressed this specific concern until now. NOi’s NOviricid drug trial in African Americans recently diagnosed with COVID is a significant change in COVID19 treatment. This drug has the potential to save the black race.” 

“Nearly 70% of blacks do not want and do not trust the COVID vaccine, and with good reason.  A safe and effective drug therapy that can eliminate and shorten Covid-19 symptoms is a better solution for African Americans.  I just learned of this study and the patented nitric oxide technology. I was shocked that this study has not received media attention so I’m excited to help inform the masses on this important technology and study.  This may be the most important project of my lifetime,” Rolling said.”  

NOi has received Investigational New Drug (IND #150758) clearance as part of the Coronovirus Treatment Acceleration Program (CTAP) from the U.S. FDA to conduct a Phase 2b/3a outpatient clinical study testing the safety and efficacy of its new drug, NOviricid, 30 mg time released sodium nitrite dosing in an oral lozenge. NOviricid is the first oral Nitric Oxide (NO) generating drug to be clinically tested to treat African Americans diagnosed with COVID-19. (NCT04601077)

NOviricid offers a fast acting, Nitric Oxide therapeutic, with proven vasodilatory and anti-viral properties, targeting the effects of the novel Coronavirus. NOviricid is a proactive treatment, to be administered at the early onset of symptoms to prevent the rapid progression of the virus, improve recovery and survival of African Americans or anyone who is symptomatic. NOviricid promises an easily administered, safe, affordable and effective treatment.

To date, the COVID-19 pandemic has infected nearly 100 million people worldwide and is responsible for over 2 million deaths. In the U.S., African Americans are one of the most affected, high-risk populations. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), African Americans experience a 2.8x higher infection rate, a 4.7x higher hospitalization rate and 2.1x higher death rate than Caucasians. Those with comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, history of smoking, kidney disease and respiratory illnesses are most at risk for infection and rapid progression of the disease.  

“Everything we have learned about COVID-19 over the past 12 months reveals that diminished nitric oxide production in patients is what is thought to be responsible for the increased risk of infection and rapid disease progression. This applies directly to the African American population, which often suffers from diminished nitric oxide production. A lack of nitric oxide explains the multi-system disease and dysfunction that persists long after the active infection is gone, including increased risk of blood clots, endothelitis, kidney and lung dysfunction. Restoration of nitric oxide appears to be a very safe and effective solution,” said Dr. Bryan. 

About Nitric Oxide Innovations, LLC:

Founded in 2018, Nitric Oxide Innovations, LLC., is a clinical stage biotechnology company established to commercialize clinically and scientifically proven NO based technologies for a wide range of human diseases. 

 NOI’s mission is to be the industry leader and innovator of nitric oxide-based therapeutics or the safe and effective treatments of a variety of human diseases. Focusing on proven nitric oxide patented technology, along with patented delivery systems, Nitric Oxide Innovations LLC will develop novel drug therapies ranging from topical drug deliveries to oral formulations for specific drug indications where safety and efficacy are already established. These new nitric oxide therapies will address pulmonary hypertension, non-obstructive but ischemic coronary artery disease (INOCA), heart failure with preserved ejection fraction ( HFpEF) and chronic wound/ulcer therapy.

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