Dr. Dylan Roby, UCI visiting professor of health, society and behavior, is available to comment on vaccine mandates, healthcare policy and reform.

Roby says:

“I am glad to see the federal government has been able to exert some level of authority to encourage vaccination. The requirement that Medicare/Medicaid providers require vaccination or lose federal reimbursement for health care services delivered to Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries is reminiscent of the use of similar pressures to integrate hospitals in the 1960s.”

“I think the state policy decisions in conservative states to ban mandates (mask and vaccine) will probably turn out to be bad for disease spread, but even those states have benefitted from the downturn in cases and the fact that most seniors even in conservative states have been vaccinated so deaths have stayed lower as well.” 

Dr. Dylan Roby is an expert in a wide range of topics related to public health policy and management. He has an extensive background in disparities research as it relates to healthcare access, reform, and system evaluation.

Roby collaborates with colleagues at UCLA, UC Berkeley, and the California Simulation of Insurance Markets (CalSim) to project changes in eligibility and likely enrollment of Californians in the Medi-Cal expansion, as well as in the state’s new health insurance exchange, Covered California. Through this initiative, Roby plays a critical role in helping estimate the impact of state-based reforms to expand subsidies, reinstate the “individual mandate,” and expand eligibility for Medi-Cal coverage for undocumented young adults.

He is available to provide expert commentary on public health policy, including COVID-19 vaccine mandates and the unintended consequences of legislative actions.