Newswise — Coronavirus infections in the United States are doubling faster than any other nation, according to a new white paper authored by MITRE’s infectious disease analytics team, including external experts. The analysis draws on available data and its clinical and epidemiological expertise to offer recommended Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions to disrupt the virus’ trajectory.

A key finding: Americans must reduce social contact by 90 percent to effectively stop the COVID-19 pandemic.

To achieve this, the paper recommends 14 policy actions, including:

  • Immediately close all schools and learning institutions nationwide.
  • Shut down restaurants, bars, movie theaters and other places of social gathering.
  • Seal or restrict all U.S. borders.
  • Incentivize residents to only leave their homes for medically necessary purposes.

“Taken together, these actions can help save lives, the American healthcare system, and the U.S. economy,” said Jason Providakes, MITRE CEO. “An unprecedented pandemic calls for an unprecedented response, and these actions are necessary to halt the transmission of COVID-19.”