More than 1 million electric vehicles are now driving on U.S. roads. What will happen when those cars go out of service? Without recycling, their batteries may become 8 million tons of global scrap by 2040. 

Argonne National Laboratory engineer Jeff Spangenberger can speak as an expert source about this problem. 

As the Director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s ReCell Center, Spangenberger leads the pivotal discoveries that will make widespread battery recycling available and help build a globally competitive U.S. recycling industry. Under his leadership, the collaborative ReCell Center has made strides in four areas: 

  • Directly recycling cathodes, which store lithium ions and release them when a battery charges
  • Recovering other battery materials
  • Designing with recycling in mind
  • Modeling and analysis 

Spangenberger has received four patents related to his recycling research.