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Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy 2012: Recent Updates from Newswise

Happy New Year from Newswise! We hope your 2011 was a success, and that 2012 is off to a good start.

To all of our current clients, we are grateful to have your continued participation as a Newswise member and we are eager to play a role in your media relations strategies for the coming year. 

Those of you who have not used Newswise services may be interested to know about some of our recent updates and a summary of new developments we shared with current clients at the start of 2012. 

New service benefits:
Reports Central: this is your main dashboard to track your news releases and effectiveness reporting tools. Tabs open reports for your Monthly Report, Real Time Hits, Google Titles search results, Web Clips, and Media Outlets. Log in and click “Reports Central” in the left sidebar to view this dashboard. 
Featured Videos on the homepage: any news release with a video is featured on the homepage in the “now playing” module. If you do not have video included in your membership, but would like to, please contact us for more information.
Sponsorship opportunities: members have options to promote your institution with sponsored messages in the Newswise wires and on the website. Visit for more information.
Multiple Videos: members with audio/video feature included in their membership may now include 2 or more videos or audio files in a single news release.
Google Title search: get metrics on your web reach with the Google Titles search tool in the Reports Central dashboard.
Wire confirmation emails: after you submit a news release, we send you confirmation that your release has been sent out in the Newswise wires, with links to your release, your institution’s account details, and other helpful information.

New website tools:
Related story links: users can browse news releases related by channel topic, keywords, and source institution.
Most popular links: users can browse the most popular news releases by pageviews, media coverage, and social media shares.
Google Translate: each news release includes the Google Translate tool, with translation options for dozens of languages.
Social media sharing: Newswise users can easily “like” and share news releases on a variety of social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.
Commenting: news releases now have the option to include comments from our users.

New membership features and package options:
2012 also brings a menu of new member package options, including more features and benefits, and options for unlimited news releases. Existing members may continue with the same membership package they currently have, and you will not be forced to transition into a new membership package. However, if you are interested in the additional benefits or upgrading to include unlimited news releases, please contact us for more information.

Thank you again for your continued participation as a Newswise member, and please be in touch any time if you have feedback, questions, or suggestions about how we may better serve you in 2012.

Posted by Thom Canalichio on 01/20/12 at 08:17 PM


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