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Thursday, August 16, 2012

How Newswise Expert Pitch Works in Response to Breaking News

Media coverage of the deadly movie theater shooting in Colorado last month included extensive commentary by experts on crime, psychology, and gun policy. As details emerged about the shooting and the alleged shooter, these experts helped the media to fill in a more complete picture of the event and make their coverage more informative to a captivated national audience. 

As a breaking news event, this tragedy serves as a compelling example of the media’s need for authoritative, informed, and above all, responsible experts to provide commentary and analysis of major world events.  Whether they are covering a shooting rampage, a natural disaster, or the upcoming presidential election, qualified experts help the media make better news. 

Newswise has a new feature in place to assist members with promoting and pitching their experts during this type of situation.  Expert Pitch provides a brief, rapid delivery method for Universities, Associations, and other member institutions to promote their experts via the Newswise website, wires, and social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter (@Expert_Pitch). 

During coverage of the Aurora, CO shooting at the midnight premier of The Dark Knight Rises, at least seven Newswise member institutions were able to pitch their experts within the first 24 hours after news of the shooting broke (each link goes to a different expert from the first day after the shooting).  Examples of the Expert Pitches posted that day can be found in the Newswise Breaking News Channel on Guns and Violence and in the Expert Pitch channel.

The Aurora shooting will be seared into our collective memory for years to come, and Newswise would like to express sympathy and support for the victims of the shooting and their families.  In that spirit, Newswise remains committed to serving the journalism community in their mission to provide informative, quality news, even in the aftermath of a terrible tragedy.

For information on Expert Pitch and other Newswise resources, you can contact (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Posted by Thom Canalichio on 08/16/12 at 03:08 PM


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