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Friday, April 12, 2019

Meeting News Best Practices with Newswise

A recent analysis of metrics from 15 associations that have done a Meeting Package with Newswise in the past year found that their annual meeting news was viewed by reporters on average 50% more than association news not included in a Meeting Package.

What are these associations doing to increase the visibility of their news and optimize the potential for awareness and coverage of their annual meeting?   

  1. Embargoes

Embargoed research news works, with more media viewing and covering research news they are given under embargo. Annual meetings allow associations to frequently promote their research news with a high degree of control over the timing and process of writing and distributing their news releases. Associations that issue their meeting news under embargo as much as a week before their meeting get the highest level of traction.  

  1. Bonus Distribution

Adding a meeting package gives these associations more power to promote their event news by adding an exclusive Meeting Wire; this provides a third distribution directly to the inboxes of Newswise subscribers, on top of the standard Daily Wire and Section Wires (e.g. Med, Science). That means more opportunities for media targets to open their inbox and click on those headlines.

  1. Exclusive Branding

Meeting Wires are exclusive, meaning no other organizations’ news will clutter up the wire, and customized headers and subject lines alert media that the meeting wire includes valuable news from the associations’ annual meeting.

  1. Driving Additional Views with Sponsor Messages

Meeting Package options also include Sponsor messages in our wires to drive additional clicks on your meeting news or a landing page of your choice in the time leading up to, during, or even after your meeting. Custom messages in the Daily Wire and Section Wires can alert more media that meeting news is available, with links to more information for those that didn’t see the meeting news when it was originally distributed in the wires.

Organizations such as the American Chemical Society, the American Association of Endodontists, the American Thoracic Society, the American Institute of Physics, the American Academy of Dermatology, and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists have utilized the Meeting Package option, setting the standard for how Newswise member associations can optimize their use of our system and reach subscribers in the media.

Example of Sponsor message on our Daily wire:

Example of Special Meeting Wire:

Posted by Thom Canalichio on 04/12/19 at 01:27 PM


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