Fact Check By: David Hotchkin, MD, MSc, American Thoracic Society (ATS)

Truthfulness: False


Lockdowns do not work.

Claim Publisher and Date: NY Post on 2021-03-22

According to Dr. David Hotchkin, a pulmonologist and member of the American Thoracic Society,
"The preponderance of evidence suggests lockdowns do save lives. The author misinterprets data showing that those who are able to participants lockdown (those of stable socioeconomic means) benefit more from lockdowns than those who have to work in high risk environments. This can be seen in studies from Norway, Italy and especially in California. In the latter case, a well designed study from UCSF demonstrated not only that lockdowns were associated with a decrease in all cause mortality, that with relaxing of the lockdowns, mortality rates went up for all communities studied."

For more on the UCSF study, please read here.

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