Fact Check By: Dr. Justin Ortiz, American Thoracic Society (ATS)

Truthfulness: False


Pfizer and Moderna's coronavirus vaccines are not safe for pregnant women

Claim Publisher and Date: Social Media on 2021-02-25

Claims concerning the safety of pregnant women taking the Pfizer and Moderna's coronavirus vaccines are spreading on social media. For example, a post went viral about a doctor's miscarriage, implying that it was caused by a COVID-19 vaccine (the doctor herself has said this was misinformation). In truth, the miscarraige occured before she received the vaccine.

Dr. Justin Ortiz, who co-chairs the American Thoracic Society's Working Group on Vaccines said "Pregnant women are at increased risk of severe COVID-19. Also, many women of childbearing age have increased COVID-19 exposure risks, including healthcare providers and other workers providing essential services. While data are limited, there are no preclinical or clinical data to date indicating an increased risk of COVID-19 vaccination adverse events during pregnancy. The currently available vaccines (mRNA-based vaccines) do not have live viruses.  

Dr. Ortiz added, "If my sister or wife were pregnant and was offered one of the authorized vaccines in the US, I would not hesitate to recommend that she receive it."  

Additionally, both the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine make strong recommendations that pregnant and lactating patients not be withheld access to the Covid-19 vaccines based on review of all available data on safety and efficacy. 

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