Newswise — WASHINGTON—The Endocrine Society has hired Steven R. Meyers, PhD—an association executive with more than a decade of experience in strategic thinking and transforming and expanding operations—to serve as its Chief Strategy Officer.

“I’m an engineer at heart and am energized by challenges that open doors for me to think creatively and shape innovative solutions,” Meyers said. “The Society is committed to evolving its strategic direction and identifying and pursuing new opportunities and I’m thrilled to be joining.”

As Chief Strategy Officer, Meyers will oversee the alignment of the Society’s strategic planning and governance process to include shaping new initiatives and evolving the Society’s strategic plan in collaboration with governance leaders. He will also analyze market dynamics and customer trends to build new business models and enhance existing ones.

Meyers will oversee the executive office and governance team to ensure effective support of the Society’s governance members. He is scheduled to start his new role on September 26.

Meyers most recently served as the Senior Director, Membership at the American Chemical Society, where he served in multiple roles for eleven years. He previously worked as a contractor for the National Science Foundation and co-founded a company where he invented and developed biosensors to enable at-home diagnostic testing of human breast milk.

“The Endocrine Society is rich in innovative ideas and we’ve set our sights on many exciting opportunities,” CEO Kate Fryer said. “Throughout his career, Steven has proven to be a strategic architect that can build and implement the vision and models necessary to turn innovative ideas into operational success, and I’m excited to have him join us.”

Meyers earned his PhD in biomedical engineering from Boston University and his BS in biomedical engineering and BA in computer science from Duke University.

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