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A mechanical niche promotes the rejuvenation of blood stem cells

Zhang et al. show that the mechanical properties of a three-dimensional (3D) hydrogel can enhance the secretion of niche factors from bone marrow stromal cells, which in turn promotes the maintenance of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and reverses a
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New monkey embryo models—it’s getting complicated

Li et al. report on the generation of cynomolgus monkey models of blastocyst-stage embryos (called “blastoids”) using naive cynomolgus embryonic stem cells. These blastoids recapitulate gastrulation in vitro and induce early pregnancy responses
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Graded BMP signaling within intestinal crypt architecture directs self-organization of the Wnt-secreting stem cell niche

Shivdasani et al. assign niche functions to specific mesenchymal cell types near stem cells at the base of intestinal crypts. They identify PDGFRAlo fibroblasts as a substantial source of requisite Wnt ligands and show that BMP signaling from crypt
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Cynomolgus monkey embryo model captures gastrulation and early pregnancy

Stem cell-based embryo models provide a useful system for studying early embryonic development. Li and colleagues reported the generation of cynomolgus monkey blastoids with similar characteristics to natural blastocysts. These blastoids possess the
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Response to Magenheim et al.: Ductal Ngn3-expressing progenitors contribute to adult beta cell neogenesis in the pancreas

The existence of adult beta cell neogenesis has been controversial, with numerous papers published arguing for and against over the years, and many conclusions in the field are thus based on studies that were performed years and sometimes decades ago
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When gene editing turns a nasty goddess into a friendly MEDUSA

Marchiano and colleagues interrogate the underlying causes of ventricular arrhythmias occurring after human pluripotent stem cell-cardiomyocyte transplantation. Through stepwise analysis and gene editing of ion channel expression, they mitigate pace-
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It takes two to untangle: Combined stimulation of adult neurogenesis reverts AD symptoms

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is associated with reduced adult hippocampal neurogenesis and impaired hippocampal-dependent behaviors. Li et al. report that stimulating adult neurogenesis combined with new-born neuron activation ameliorates behavioral s
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Gene editing to prevent ventricular arrhythmias associated with cardiomyocyte cell therapy

Engraftment arrhythmia (EA) compromises the safety of hPSC-CM cell therapy. We hypothesized that spontaneous graft depolarizations are the source of EAs. We used a CRISPR screen to demonstrate that targeting excitatory channels HCN4, CACNA1H, and SLC
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