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UTEP Research Reveals More About Path Bacterial Pathogen Travels to Cause Tuberculosis

Jianjun Sun, Ph.D., associate professor in UTEP’s Department of Biological Sciences, led the research on Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). Sun’s lab has been investigating the mechanisms of Mtb pathogenesis for more than 10 years at UTEP with a...
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UTEP Researchers Uncover New Brain Mechanisms in Fruit Flies That May Impact Future Learning

A research team from The University of Texas at El Paso has made strides in understanding how memories are formed through the brain mechanisms of fruit flies. Their findings could enhance our understanding of brain disorders such as post-traumatic...
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UTEP Professor Collaborates on LGBTQ+ COVID-19 Texas Study

Preliminary results from this first-of-its-kind survey found that gender diverse people and queer people of color are experiencing a number of disparities. They include higher rates of COVID-19, more difficulty accessing a variety of services, and...
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UTEP Researchers Help Pave Path for Biofriendly Materials to Aid Drug Design Delivery for Neurodegenerative Disorders

The contributions of researchers from The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) have yielded the first indication that carbon quantum dots, a class of nanoparticles, can be utilized to combat neurological disorders.
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UTEP Study Examines COVID-19 Stress, Coping Strategies, and Well-Being

Emre Umucu, Ph.D., assistant professor of rehabilitation counseling at The University of Texas at El Paso, and Beatrice Lee, an incoming rehabilitation counseling faculty member, examined the perceived stress levels and coping mechanisms related to...
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UTEP Researcher Earns NSF Grant for COVID Study

The National Science Foundation has approved a $114,000 RAPID award to The University of Texas at El Paso's April Gile Thomas, Ph.D., assistant professor psychology, to conduct research related to COVID-19. The study began May 1 and will involve 105...
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UTEP Researchers Develop Nanohybrid Vehicle to Optimally Deliver Drugs Into the Human Body

The researchers discovered that encapsulating ellagic acid in chitosan, a sugar, reduces its inherent cytotoxicity while enhancing its anti-oxidant properties. The chitosan shell, which makes up the hard outer skeleton of shellfish, also permits EA...
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UTEP Center to Study How Men Overcame Alcohol Abuse

A new study at The University of Texas at El Paso will look at the psychological factors that led some Hispanic men to successfully change their heavy drinking behavior in order to help others make similar changes. The study begins during Alcohol...
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