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Upton, NY USA

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Bringing a Hidden Superconducting State to Light

Using high-intensity pulses of infrared light, scientists found evidence of superconductivity associated with charge “stripes” in a material above the temperature at which it begins to transmit electricity without resistance—a finding that...
16-Feb-2018 9:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Narrowing in on the W Boson Mass

Scientists working on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)—the world’s largest particle collider, hosted at CERN, the European particle physics laboratory—have precisely measured the mass of the W boson, a particle that...
12-Feb-2018 10:05 AM EST Add to Favorites


David Asner Named Deputy Associate Laboratory Director and Head of the Instrumentation Division in Brookhaven Lab's Nuclear and Particle Physics Directorate

A particle physicist with extensive leadership and management experience, Asner will help expand a portfolio of physics programs and oversee instrumentation research and development.
8-Feb-2018 7:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Elke-Caroline Aschenauer Awarded Prestigious Humboldt Research Award

UPTON, NY — Elke-Caroline Aschenauer, a senior physicist at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, has been awarded a Humboldt Research Award for her contributions to the field of experimental nuclear physics. This...
31-Jan-2018 9:00 AM EST Add to Favorites

Surprising Result Shocks Scientists Studying Spin

Scientists analyzing results of spinning protons striking different sized atomic nuclei at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) found an odd directional preference in the production of neutrons that switches sides as the size of the nuclei...
8-Jan-2018 10:05 AM EST Add to Favorites


CFN Scientist Spotlight: Gregory Doerk Guides the Self-Assembly of Materials to Make Diverse Nanoscale Patterns

Some materials have the unique ability to self-assemble into organized molecular patterns and structures. Materials scientist Gregory Doerk of the Electronic Nanomaterials Group at the Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN)—a U.S. Department of...
3-Jan-2018 9:00 AM EST Add to Favorites


Q&A with CFN User Xiaowei Teng

Teng of the University of New Hampshire brings his research to design new types of nanostructured materials for energy conversion and storage applications to Brookhaven Lab’s Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN).
21-Dec-2017 8:05 AM EST Add to Favorites


Theorists Propose Conditions Needed to Search for New Form of Matter

UPTON, NY— As scientists have explored the structure and properties of matter at ever deeper levels they’ve discovered many exotic new materials, including superconductors that carry electric current with no resistance, liquid crystals that...
18-Dec-2017 8:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

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Brookhaven Lab Construction Technology Poised for Commercialization

Long Island start-up company SulfCrete, Inc. has been exploring commercialization of sulfur polymer, a unique and affordable construction material developed at Brookhaven National Lab that has a very small carbon footprint compared to the existing...
24-Apr-2015 9:05 AM EDT

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