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Wider viewing angle for holographic 3D display

An ideal holographic 3D display should offer large viewing angle, full color, and low speckle noise. A new holographic 3D display system with a large viewing angle of 73.4° has been proposed. The system uses spatial light modulators (SLMs) and...
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Diffractive networks enable quantitative phase imaging (QPI) through random diffusers

Quantitative phase imaging (QPI) is a label-free computational technique frequently used for imaging cells and tissue samples while facing challenges when diffusive media obstruct the optical path. UCLA researchers, led by Prof. Aydogan Ozcan,...
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Integrating 2D materials for on-chip photonics

Interests surrounding the development of on-chip nonlinear optical devices have grown consistently in the past decades due to their tremendous applications. Developing efficient on-chip nonlinear optical devices for these applications is needed to...
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Do cyanobacteria make the neurotoxin β-N-methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA)?

The cyanobacterial origin of β-N-methylamino-L-alanine (BMAA), an environmental neurotoxin, remains controversial. With a carefully designed genetic system as a control, we found no evidence for the production of BMAA by cyanobacteria from lab...
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Single Cell Protein: an alternative eco-friendly protein source derived from microorganisms

Single Cell Protein (SCP) is an alternative and eco-friendly protein source from microorganisms which can be produced by utilizing agro-industrial wastes. SCP presents multiple applications, including animal feed, human food, packaging and is...
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A Thermal Processable, Self-Healing, and Fully Bio-based Starch Plastic

Researchers have proposed a novel strategy for the development of sustainable and degradable bioplastics. This starch plastics, which possess integrated advantages including superior flexibility, excellent thermal processability, waterproof...
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Advancing Coastal Waterbird Conservation in China: Policy Progress and Challenges

This article reviews conservation measures taken in recent decade to protect waterbirds in China's coastal wetlands and provides recommendations for future conservation action from three aspects: policy and administration, habitat conservation and...
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Assessing the Global Impact: Floods and Infectious Diseases Over Three Decades

Natural flood disasters were associated with increased new cases and deaths of enteric infections, neglected tropical diseases, and respiratory infections. Concerted efforts should be made to design better strategies for adaptation to prevent and...
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