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The masked singers: How a WVU choir director composed the perfect masks for performance art

Kym Scott, director of choral activities at West Virginia University, recognized the limitations of singing and performing in masks from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. So she tapped into her prior life as a fashion designer to solve a problem...
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Gaiters do no harm: WVU toxicologists find coverings help contain the spread of exhaled droplets

Experts with the West Virginia University Center for Inhalation Toxicology found that – assuming it’s a good fit - a gaiter will, despite recent reports, provide a respiratory containment of exhaled droplets comparable to a common over-the-ear...
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Passage of 2016 fireworks law ignites increase in fireworks-related injuries in West Virginia

Fireworks-related injuries in West Virginia have shot up 40 percent since a 2016 state law liberalized the sale of certain fireworks, categorized as “Class C” or “1.4G,” according to Toni Marie Rudisill, research assistant professor at the...
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U.S. cities with pro sports see more flu deaths

Sports leagues may want to consider calling a timeout on reopening their doors to fans, based on new West Virginia University-led research that links an uptick in seasonal flu deaths to U.S. cities with pro sports teams.
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Finding Community in Digital Spaces

The coronavirus has driven us indoors and separated us from coworkers, friends and loved ones. That’s nothing really new for Sara Loftus, a West Virginia University geography doctoral student who is studying how to build an online community.
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Despite COVID-19, Memorial Day traffic one of the deadliest

COVID-19 has put the brakes on AAA’s Memorial Day travel forecast due to unavailable economic data and estimates that fewer travelers will hit the road this holiday weekend due to the pandemic and social distancing recommendations. But that...
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Diversity experts say COVID-19 has exacerbated class, racial disparities

Face coverings, one of the recommended strategies to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, can evoke “mental gymnastics” for some groups—particularly those in communities who are already viewed with suspicion, according to a diversity expert at...
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COVID-19 creates new dangers for police, says WVU criminologist, but opportunity awaits for police reform

James Nolan, professor of sociology at West Virginia University and former police officer, believes the COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique opportunity for police reform that could break the chains of outdated, and perhaps ineffective, approaches to...
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