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National Athletic Trainers’ Association Releases Consensus Recommendations and Best Practices for Emergency Prehospital Care of Spine-Injured Athletes in American Football

Two articles stemming from meetings of the Spine Injury in Sport Group (SISG) were published today in the Journal of Athletic Training, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) scientific publication. The first, Best Practices and...
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Herstory Being Made During Super Bowl LIV: Women Play Prominent Roles in Sports Medicine, Coaching and Entertainment

While Super Bowl LIV occurs during the NFL’s 100th anniversary, it also marks another historic achievement: the first time, three female athletic trainers (ATs) will provide medical care during a Super Bowl. They will join other powerhouse females...
31-Jan-2020 11:45 AM EST Add to Favorites

Study Finds That Student Athlete Safety Is Not a Priority in High Schools Across the United States

A study released today showed that 34% of public and private high schools, have no access to athletic trainers in the United Stated. Furthermore, the study indicates that lack of appropriate sports medicine care is even greater for private schools...
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New Study Finds That Student Athletes at More Than Half of All High Schools in California Are at Greater Risk of Injury Due to Lack of Appropriate Care or Unqualifed Personnel Overseeing Their Health and Safety

More than half (54.6%) of California schools reported that they either did not employ an AT (47.6%) or employed unqualified health personnel (UHP) in the role of AT (7%).
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Practice Alone Doesn’t Make Perfect - Genetics and Family Dynamics Play a Large Role in Athletic Achievement

The study compared Division I student athletes (SA) and noncollegiate athletes (NA) who had competed in youth sports. The study found that parents and siblings of Division I student athletes (SA) were more likely to have been high-achieving...
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Despite Pay-to-Play System Club Sports Coaches May Be Less Prepared for a Medical Emergency Than High School Coaches

Comparison of attitudes and emergency preparedness between high school and club sport coaches.
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Multisport Female Athletes in Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball May Be Less Likely to Have Hip and Knee Injuries Than Their Peers Who Single-Sport Specialize

Females who sport-specialized demonstrated altered lower extremity (hips and knee) coordination relative to their multisport female athletes which may lead to less stable landings and an increased risk for injury.
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Majority of Baseball Parents Unaware Their Youth Athlete Is Specializing Which Can Lead to a Higher Rate of Injury

Baseball is an incredibly popular sport in the United States with 13 million-17 million athletes under the age of 18 participating at the club and high school levels. Despite evidence suggesting that sport specialization may be related to the...
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