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Researchers use amino acids to grow high-performance copper thin films

For the first time, researchers from Missouri S&T have shown that highly ordered copper thin films can be crystallized directly on a one-molecule-thick layer of organic material rather than on the inorganic substrates that have been used for...
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Missouri S&T researchers to improve shale oil recovery

Missouri S&T researchers are working to increase the amount of shale oil produced in the United States while reducing the need to drill new wells. They hope to develop a new model to mitigate the formation of heavy organic solids found in the oil...
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Researchers say job candidates are rated lower in virtual interviews

New research provides some of the first solid evidence that people who watch a virtual job interview rate the candidate substantially lower than those who watch the same interview in person.Researchers at Missouri S&T published a study with their...
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Missouri S&T research symposium highlights state’s manufacturing capabilities

Missouri University of Science and Technology brought together university researchers, industry experts and government leaders Thursday, Sept. 3, for a research symposium that highlighted the state’s manufacturing capabilities.
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Missouri S&T researchers recommend combination of filters for homemade masks, other PPE

A team of researchers at Missouri S&T found that several layers of household air filters can achieve filtration performance similar to masks rated N95.
17-Aug-2020 11:15 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Vaccine to prevent tuberculosis may help limit spread of COVID-19, Missouri S&T researchers say

A vaccine developed about a century ago to prevent tuberculosis may also help prevent the transmission of COVID-19, according to two Missouri S&T researchers who examined the spread of COVID-19 among countries that require the vaccine and those that...
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Missouri S&T wins $1.5 million award to create cutting-edge spectrometer

Missouri S&T has received a $1.5 million award from the National Science Foundation to develop a new, state-of-the-art, rotational microwave spectrometer on its campus in Rolla.The instrument will be used by several universities to collect some of...
30-Jul-2020 3:50 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Researchers discover new chemistry of 2-D transition metal carbides and carbonitrides (MXenes)

A new finding about the fundamental chemistry of two-dimensional materials called MXenes will change the way researchers work with them, and open up new areas of applications, according to researchers at Missouri S&T.MXenes are ceramics that make up...
20-Jul-2020 3:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Over the holidays, replacing the furnace filter could help protect people from COVID-19 indoors

Dr. Yang Wang, assistant professor of environmental engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology, advises homeowners to replace their furnace filter to help protect families from COVID-19 over the holidays.
24-Nov-2020 11:35 AM EST

Expert available for commentary on human and ecosystem response to today's massively destructive wildfires

11-Sep-2020 2:05 PM EDT

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Expert commentary: Super Bowl victory an economic win to team’s community

17-Jan-2020 12:00 AM EST

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Modern American history military historian available to comment on U.S.-Iran conflict

8-Jan-2020 3:25 PM EST

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Fire Ecologist Available to Comment on Public Health Impact of Australian Bushfires

3-Jan-2020 1:05 PM EST

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Election security is about more than just machines, researcher says

As the 2020 elections approach, voters need to be aware of possibly malicious attempts to manipulate their opinions and their votes, according to Dr. George Markowsky, professor of computer science at Missouri University of Science and Technology.
20-Nov-2019 5:15 AM EST

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American military historian available to comment on 75th anniversary of D-Day

25-May-2019 12:05 PM EDT

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Missouri S&T wind engineer assesses Jefferson City tornado damage

24-May-2019 10:05 AM EDT

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