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Psychological Aspects of Erectile Dysfunction Deserve More Attention, Health Scientists Say

Personality traits and mental health problems are among the factors linked to erectile dysfunction, but researchers often overlook these psychological contributors and their treatments in favor of biological causes, according to a new research...
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Association for Psychological Science (APS) Statement on Looming U.S. Government Shutdown

The Association for Psychological Science calls on Congress to promptly fund the US government for the coming fiscal year to sustain important scientific programs and initiatives.
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In the “I” of the Beholder: People Believe Self-Relevant Artwork is More Beautiful

New research shows how we prefer art that speaks to our sense of self. The findings could lead to more effective forms of art therapy, but can also lead media companies to generate addictive content online.
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Webinar to Focus on Psychological Impact of Gun Violence

Scientists will share their expertise and perspectives on the relationship between gun violence and anxiety in a webinar to be Sept. 20, 3 to 4 p.m. ET. Accredited media professionals can attend the webinar free of charge.
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15 Psychological Scientists Receive APS’s 2024 Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Association for Psychological Science (APS) has awarded the 2024 APS Lifetime Achievement Awards to 15 psychological scientists whose contributions have advanced understanding of topics ranging from how to alleviate human suffering to cultural...
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For Whom the School Bells Toll: New Psychological Research for the New Academic Year

A collection of research published in the APS journals in 2022 and 2023 related to peer relationships, pandemic-related learning losses, the positive impacts of growth mindsets, and much more.
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Public May Overestimate Pushback Against Controversial Research Findings 

Do researchers overestimate the risk that certain research findings will fuel public support for censorship, defunding, and other harmful actions? Findings from a pair of studies published in Psychological Science by authors Cory J. Clark...
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Has Academia Become More Gender-Fair for Women? Findings From an Adversarial Analysis of Gender Bias 

Data from 2000 to 2020 indicate that women researchers are now equally likely as their male peers to be awarded grant funding, to have their journal articles accepted for publication, and to receive strong letters of recommendation. They are more...
31-Jul-2023 11:20 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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The Littlest Linguists: New Research on Language Development

How do children learn language, and how is language related to other cognitive and social skills? Psychological scientists have researched these questions for many decades. Here’s a look at some recent research (2020–2021) on language...
1-Sep-2021 3:55 PM EDT

APS Backgrounder Series: Psychology and COVID-19

Through an ongoing series of backgrounders, the Association for Psychological Science (APS) is exploring many of the psychological factors that can help the public understand and collectively combat the spread of COVID-19. Each backgrounder...
30-Mar-2020 2:50 PM EDT

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