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Some Assembly Required: Scientists Piece Together the Largest U.S.-Based Dark Matter Experiment

Most of the remaining components needed to fully assemble an underground dark matter-search experiment called LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) arrived at the project’s South Dakota home during a rush of deliveries in June. When complete, LZ will be the largest,...
15-Jul-2019 2:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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New Sensor Could Shake Up Earthquake Response Efforts

An optical sensor developed at Berkeley Lab could speed up the time it takes to evaluate whether buildings are safe to occupy after a major earthquake. After four years of extensive peer-reviewed research and simulative testing at the University of...
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Epic Research Endeavor Reveals Cause of Deadly Digestive Disease in Children

Nearly ten years ago, a group of Israeli clinical researchers emailed Berkeley Lab geneticist Len Pennacchio to ask for his team’s help in solving the mystery of a rare inherited disease that caused extreme, and sometimes fatal, chronic diarrhea...
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Berkeley Lab Scientists Earn Prestigious White House Early Career Award

Two scientists with Berkeley Lab – and two faculty scientists jointly affiliated with Berkeley Lab and the University of California, Berkeley – are among 315 researchers named on July 2 by President Trump to receive the prestigious Presidential...
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Can’t Take the Heat? ‘Cool Walls’ Can Reduce Energy Costs, Pollution

A Berkeley Lab study modeled different types and ages of homes, retail stores, and office buildings and found that sunlight-reflecting “cool” exterior walls can save as much or more energy than sunlight-reflecting cool roofs in many places...
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3 Sky Surveys Completed in Preparation for Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument

It took three sky surveys – conducted at telescopes in two continents, covering one-third of the visible sky, and requiring almost 1,000 observing nights – to prepare for a new project that will create the largest 3D map of the universe’s...
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With Little Training, Machine-Learning Algorithms Can Uncover Hidden Scientific Knowledge

Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have shown that an algorithm with no training in materials science can scan the text of millions of papers and uncover new scientific knowledge. They collected 3.3 million abstracts of published...
30-Jun-2019 1:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Science Snapshots: A toxin antidote in frogs, atomic motion in 4D, and better biofuels

In new work by Berkeley Lab and our collaborators, scientists discover how a protein made by bullfrogs inhibits the deadly neurotoxin involved in red tide events, perform the first observation of how atoms arrange in four dimensions during phase...
26-Jun-2019 1:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Experts on Ecosystems Getting Greener in the Arctic

28-Jan-2019 1:05 PM EST

Newswise: ur8Fh-rA.jpg

How Drought and Other Extremes Impact Water Pollution

One in 10 Americans depends on the Colorado River for bathing and drinking. Last fall’s record-high temperatures reduced Colorado snowpack in winter 2018 to 66 percent of normal, sparking concern over water shortages downstream and leaving water...
10-Oct-2018 11:30 AM EDT

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