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Quantum Network Between Two National Labs Achieves Record Synch

Recently, a team of researchers with the Illinois‐Express Quantum Network (IEQNET) successfully deployed a long-distance quantum network between two U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) laboratories using local fiber optics. The experiment marked the...
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Fermilab Engineers Develop New Control Electronics for Quantum Computers That Improve Performance, Cut Costs

Quantum computing experiments now have a new control and readout electronics option that will significantly improve performance while replacing cumbersome and expensive systems. Developed by a team of engineers at Fermilab in collaboration with the...
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New Accelerator at Fermilab Approved for Construction Start

The Department of Energy has formally approved the start of full construction for the PIP-II project, an upgrade to the Fermilab accelerator complex that includes a new linear accelerator. PIP-II is an essential enhancement that will power the...
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CDF Collaboration at Fermilab Announces Most Precise Ever Measurement of W Boson Mass to Be in Tension with the Standard Model

Scientists of the Collider Detector at Fermilab collaboration have achieved the most precise measurement to date of the mass of the W boson, one of nature’s force-carrying particles. The measured value shows tension with the value expected based...
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MicroBooNE experiment’s first results show no hint of a sterile neutrino

For more than a decade, scientists have wondered whether a theorized new particle, a fourth kind of neutrino called the sterile neutrino, might exist in our universe. Evidence of this would add a new particle to the physicists’ best theory, the...
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Dark Energy Survey releases most precise look at the universe’s evolution

The Dark Energy Survey collaboration has created the largest ever maps of the distribution and shapes of galaxies, tracing both ordinary and dark matter in the universe out to a distance of over 7 billion light years. The results are based on the...
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ICARUS gets ready to fly

The ICARUS detector, part of Fermilab’s Short-Baseline Neutrino Program, will officially start its hunt for elusive sterile neutrinos this fall. The international collaboration led by Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia successfully brought the detector...
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Argonaut project launches design effort for super-cold robotics

A new robotics project named Argonaut at the Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory will share that same name and spirit of adventure. Argonaut’s mission will be to monitor conditions within ultracold particle detectors by...
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10 years later, Higgs boson discoverers publish refined measurements

In new papers by the CMS and ATLAS Collaborations, physicists detail high-precision results from their late...
06 Jul 2022

Four things physicists still wonder about the Higgs boson

Scientists have learned a lot about the Higgs boson in the decade since they discovered it. But intriguing ...
30 Jun 2022

Quantum network between two national labs achieves record synch

Quantum collaboration demonstrates in Chicagoland the first steps toward functional long-distance quantum n...
27 Jun 2022

NIU students lend their engineering skills to PIP-II

Senior engineering students designed a portable cleanroom and a modular cryomodule mockup for Fermilab’s ...
22 Jun 2022

Fermilab scientist receives a DOE Early Career Award

The award is intended to support researchers early in their careers when many scientists do their most form...
07 Jun 2022

A minute with Abhishek Pathak, PIP-II postdoctoral researcher

A postdoc on the PIP-II project, Pathak works on beam dynamics and also enjoys riding his bike around Fermi...
01 Jun 2022

What’s up with the W boson mass?

The CDF experiment at Fermilab measured the mass of the W boson and came up with an answer that no one expe...
25 May 2022

Fermilab astrophysicist Josh Frieman elected to National Academy of Sciences

Fermilab scientist Josh Frieman, former director of the Dark Energy Survey, has been elected by his peers t...
18 May 2022

Astronomers reveal first image of the black hole at the heart of our galaxy

Astronomers have unveiled the first image of the supermassive black hole at the center of our own Milky Way...
12 May 2022

SLAC’s superconducting X-ray laser reaches operating temperature colder than outer space

The facility, LCLS-II, will soon sharpen our view of how nature works on ultrasmall, ultrafast scales, impa...
10 May 2022