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Using Money to Encourage Alcohol Abstinence Can Be Effective

It is estimated that only 20 to 24 percent of individuals with an alcohol use disorder (AUD) ever receive treatment of any kind for their disease. Most of the reasons given for not seeking treatment relate to the person’s inability or...
15-Oct-2018 5:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Guidelines for “Healthy Drinking” Should Be Lowered

Both the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and the Centers for Disease Control have concluded that up to one drink daily for women, and up to two drinks daily for men, fall within U.S. dietary guidelines. Several studies have...
28-Sep-2018 11:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites


Alcohol Outlets such as Liquor Stores are More Often Associated with Violent Crimes

Previous research has shown that violent crimes are associated with greater access to alcohol outlets. It is unclear, however, whether on-premise outlets such as bars, or off-premise outlets such as liquor stores, have a stronger association with...
21-Sep-2018 11:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Alcohol and Marijuana Use May Increase when Marijuana is Used by Young Adult Drinkers

The risks of alcohol consumption differ by the presence or absence of simultaneous use of other substances, the most common one being marijuana. Simultaneous alcohol and marijuana use may increase alcohol-related risks and societal costs. This paper...
11-Sep-2018 6:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

The Contribution of Genetics to Alcohol Use and Eating-Disorder Symptoms in Girls

Prior research has shown that alcohol use disorders and eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa – binge eating often followed by self-induced vomiting – may have a shared genetic risk. It is unclear, however, whether this risk extends to...
29-Aug-2018 11:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Young Adults are More Permissive of Partial versus Complete Blackouts

Blackouts refer to partial or complete memory loss of events that occur while individuals are drinking. These individuals maintain consciousness during the event and may even be able to engage in complex behaviors such as conversing or driving. This...
23-Aug-2018 4:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Child Mistreatment Is Linked to Alcohol-Use Problems via Impulsive Decisions

Young adults who report mistreatment (‘maltreatment’ by the authors) during childhood often demonstrate poor decision-making skills and are at risk for developing alcohol or other drug (AOD) problems, in particular when around peers. Research...
23-Aug-2018 4:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Alcohol Use Disorders Have Long-Term Effects on Brain Structure and Cognitive Function

Alcohol use disorders (AUDs) are known to adversely impact brain structure and function. Although recovery of brain morphology and function has been reported following abstinence from long-term alcohol use, some structural (e.g., brain area volumes...
14-Aug-2018 4:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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The Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) provides a forum for communication among researchers who share common interests in understanding the disease of alcoholism and alcohol’s various effects, both positive and negative, on the body and behavior. The Society's purpose is to promote research that can lead the way toward prevention and treatment of alcoholism, and a reduction in the harmful effects of alcohol in society. RSA is the leading international society of research scientists working on alcohol problems, with over 1,500 members in the United States and around the world.


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