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Early adversity in life may lead to stress-related drinking during adulthood

Many factors influence alcohol consumption during adulthood. Individuals who experience early adversity (EA) in their lives tend to be more vulnerable to stress-related drinking or other stress-related addiction. This vulnerability can be...
19-Jun-2019 7:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Love and alcohol: Romantic relationships can influence genetic predispositions for alcohol problems

How do the people we love shape our drinking? Researchers know that both genetic and environmental factors – the latter including relationships with other people – influence alcohol outcomes such as abuse or dependence. Interdisciplinary...
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Two different cannabis compounds make a difference in how much alcohol someone drinks

Alcohol and cannabis are commonly used together, and their co-use has public health implications. A preliminary study looked at the effects of two cannabinoids – delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and cannabidiol (CBD) – on drinking and...
18-Jun-2019 6:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Drinking context has a significant impact on perception of alcohol effects

Alcohol is a complicated beverage; it can have stimulating, sedating, and various subjective effects. These effects can, in turn, predict future drinking behavior as well as risk for alcohol problems.
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Marijuana and alcohol: recreational users drink more, medicinal users drink less

There is a lack of agreement about the relationship between marijuana and alcohol use. Does marijuana use increase or decrease alcohol consumption? Research based on interviews with users of both marijuana and alcohol reveals that recreational users...
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Seniors Who Drink Socially: Harmless or Risky?

Nearly half of Americans older than 65 years of age self-report as current drinkers. Most do not develop alcohol use disorders; however, it remains unclear if growing older entails greater vulnerability to alcohol’s effects. Research on the impact...
18-Jun-2019 5:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Hunger, impulsivity, childhood trauma, and drinking contribute to intimate partner violence

Intimate partner violence (IPV) – commonly known as domestic violence, and long associated with drinking – is a significant public health problem. Examination of patients treated at urban Emergency Departments (EDs) shows that choice of...
17-Jun-2019 7:30 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Solitary drinking among youth is influenced by social discomfort, especially for girls

Although drinking alone does not necessarily mean that someone has a drinking problem, solitary drinking by youth is alarming for several reasons: it may lead to heavier drinking, numerous psychosocial problems, and long-term alcohol problems....
17-Jun-2019 7:30 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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The Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) provides a forum for communication among researchers who share common interests in understanding the disease of alcoholism and alcohol’s various effects, both positive and negative, on the body and behavior. The Society's purpose is to promote research that can lead the way toward prevention and treatment of alcoholism, and a reduction in the harmful effects of alcohol in society. RSA is the leading international society of research scientists working on alcohol problems, with over 1,500 members in the United States and around the world.


  • John Crabbe


    genetics and addiction, Animal Behavior, Animal Models, Drug Treatment, Binge Drinking, Risk Factors, alcohol withdrawal; , Reward, Aversion, Taste, selective breedig
  • Lara Ray


  • Patricia Molina

    Professor and Department Head

    Alcohol, HIV, TBI, metabolic alterations , Muscle, Inflamation
  • Katie Witkiewitz


    alcohol use, alcohol use disorder, harm reduction, , Alcohol Use, Alcohol Use Disorder, harm reduction, moderate alcohol consumption, Mindfulness, reductions in drinking, alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous, behavioral therapy for alcohol, Statistics, alc
  • Ralph Hingson

    Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research

    epidemiolgy, Prevention, Underage Drinking, College Drinking, program evaluation, Policy, Alcohol
  • Paula Hoffman


    alcohol tolerance, Alcohol Consumption, genetics and addiction, Neurobiology
  • Kenneth Sher

    Curators' Distinguished Professor

  • Thomas Greenfield

    Scientific Director

    Alcohol, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Mental Health
  • R. Adron Harris

    Associate Director, WCAAR

    Gene Expression and Regulation, Drug Discovery, Receptor Proteins, immune signaling, Neuroscience


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