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Students Who Up Their Cannabis Use Face Increased Risk of Alcohol Problems

Cannabis use can worsen some consequences of alcohol use among young adult drinkers over time, according to a new study which tracked the frequency of cannabis use and negative drinking outcomes among college students over three years. More than one...
27-Mar-2020 3:20 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Neuroimaging links brain region to poor spatial navigation in children affected by prenatal alcohol exposure

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) describe the range of effects associated with prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE). The most severe forms of FASD are fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and partial fetal alcohol syndrome (PFAS), which have adverse...
17-Mar-2020 8:30 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Improving detection of prenatal alcohol exposure using complementary tools

Drinking while pregnant can harm the developing fetus, leading to physical, cognitive, and neurobehavioral effects that may persist into adulthood. No safe level of alcohol in pregnancy has been identified, and many guidelines now recommend total...
6-Mar-2020 4:10 PM EST Add to Favorites

Severity and symptoms: Study links alcohol use disorder to other psychiatric conditions

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is more common among people who have another, co-occuring psychiatric condition (e.g., depression or ADHD), and vice versa. These links are well established, and are based on meeting diagnostic criteria for one or other...
3-Mar-2020 10:00 AM EST Add to Favorites

Observing mothers’ negative experiences with drink may normalize alcohol risks for adolescent children

Adolescents’ expectations of drinking – whether they anticipate having positive or negative experiences with alcohol – are an important influence on their drinking behavior. For example, those with stronger ‘positive expectancies’ are more...
26-Feb-2020 8:20 AM EST Add to Favorites

Alcohol, adolescence, and anesthesia: identifying risk factors for alcohol use disorder

Alcohol misuse is common among adolescents, and increases the risk of developing a chronic alcohol use disorder (AUD) in the future. Adolescents respond differently to alcohol compared with adults — they tend to be less sensitive to some of the...
17-Feb-2020 5:45 PM EST Add to Favorites

Does Simultaneous Use of Marijuana Affect Alcohol Intake and Consequences Among Young Adults?

Simultaneous use of alcohol and marijuana (SAM) is common among young people, and is sometimes a deliberate choice to enhance the effects of intoxication. However, compared with alcohol use alone, SAM has been linked to a greater risk of...
3-Feb-2020 5:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

One-Stop Addiction Support Services: Study Highlights Value of Recovery Community Centers

A new service model for addiction recovery support combines voluntary peer-led initiatives with professional support, providing flexible community-based options to address barriers to sustained recovery. Recovery Community Centers (RCCs) are one of...
31-Jan-2020 8:30 AM EST Add to Favorites

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The Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) provides a forum for communication among researchers who share common interests in understanding the disease of alcoholism and alcohol’s various effects, both positive and negative, on the body and behavior. The Society's purpose is to promote research that can lead the way toward prevention and treatment of alcoholism, and a reduction in the harmful effects of alcohol in society. RSA is the leading international society of research scientists working on alcohol problems, with over 1,500 members in the United States and around the world.



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