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Fabrication of New Photonic Liquid Crystals Could Lead to Next Generation Displays and Advanced Photonic Applications

A new technique to change the structure of liquid crystals could lead to the development of fast-responding liquid crystals suitable for next generation displays , for example 3-D, augmented and virtual reality and advanced photonic applications.
8-Nov-2019 11:30 PM EST Add to Favorites

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Big Improvements in Thin-film Solar Cell Efficiency Now Possible

Researchers at Penn State and Delaware have developed a theoretical method to improve the efficiency of thin-film solar cells by up to 33 percent. Flexible thin-film solar cells are needed to supply electrical power to fabrics, clothing, back packs...
17-Oct-2019 3:35 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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A New Understanding of the Cold Sintering Process

A better understanding of the mechanisms behind the cold sintering process (CSP) will lead to faster adoption and the cold sintering of many new materials, according to a team of Penn State researchers.
14-Oct-2019 10:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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First 3D View of Life’s Processes in Liquid

A new liquid-cell technology allows scientists to see biological materials and systems in three dimensions under an electron microscope (EM), according to researchers at Penn State, Virginia Tech and Protochips Inc
10-Oct-2019 11:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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A Virtual Substrate Opens Path to Oxide Films on Silicon for Application in 5G, MEMS, Sensors and Quantum Computation

Proof that a new ability to grow thin films of an important class of materials called complex oxides will, for the first time, make these materials commercially feasible, according to Penn State materials scientists.
5-Jun-2019 9:45 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Add a Carbon Atom to Transform 2D TMD Materials

A technique to substitute carbon-hydrogen species into a single atomic layer of the semiconducting material tungsten disulfide, a transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD)
24-May-2019 9:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Substrate Defects Key to Growth of 2D Materials

Researchers at Penn State have discovered a method for improving the quality of a large class of two-dimensional materials with potential for wafer-scale growth.
9-May-2019 2:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Advances in Cryo-EM Materials May Aid Cancer and Biomedical Research

A new type of grid for use in cryogenic electron microscopy is turning cryoEM from an art to a science.
18-Apr-2019 8:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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The Penn State Materials Research Institute (MRI) is an interdisciplinary organization for engaging strategic research at the cross-section of education, science, and innovation. Our activities span the physical, engineering, and life sciences, and draw upon the expertise of a diverse faculty in departments across the campus. The key characteristics of this organization are an entrepreneurial and collaborative faculty culture, core facilities with technical staff and state-of-the-art equipment, three buildings dedicated to interdisciplinary materials research, and continuous support provided by the University. Our faculty and programs are driven by excellence in science and education, by long-term partnerships with industry and the Commonwealth, and by a commitment to achieving real world impact.


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