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Daylight Saving Time Spells Bad News for Healthy Habits

New research suggests that making the change to daylight saving time isn’t good for our healthy habits. Researchers found that the onset of daylight saving time is associated with increased consumption of processed snack foods and fewer trips to...
13-May-2024 9:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Business-Focused Anti-Poverty Initiatives Can Have Unintended Consequences

A new study of entrepreneurial small businesses created to address poverty in rural Africa found that the introduction of the entrepreneurial model led to unexpected social shifts that made the small business operators a source of friction and...
7-May-2024 11:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

VR Poses Privacy Risks for Kids. A New Study Finds Parents Aren’t as Worried as They Should Be.

New research finds that, while an increasing number of minors are using virtual reality (VR) apps, not many parents recognize the extent of the security and privacy risks that are specific to VR technologies.
6-May-2024 8:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Senior Staff Give More Constructive Feedback When They Think They’ll Work With You Again

A new study finds senior staff are more likely to provide constructive feedback and coaching to junior staff when the juniors are in the same office and/or when the senior staff know the juniors will be working with them again in the future.
8-Apr-2024 10:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Study Suggests Taking an Aggressive Stance in Crisis Communications Costs Companies Money

A new study tracked 10 years of data to capture shifts in how corporate interests and the public discussed a complex legal situation – and how those dynamics related to stock price. The bottom line? When the company took an aggressive stance, its...
1-Apr-2024 9:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Smart Utility Meters Drive Down Manufacturing Costs – If Managers Use Them

A new study of the extent to which “smart utility meters” can improve energy efficiency in manufacturing finds that the willingness of managers to actually make use of the technology is a key driver in reducing energy consumption and related...
28-Mar-2024 10:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Study Shows An Anti-Racist School Program Didn’t Stress Out Kids

A new study of how high school students respond to a program designed to increase the frequency and quality of conversations about race in school finds that the anti-racist intervention did not cause stress or feelings of alienation among study...
11-Mar-2024 9:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

DNA Aptamer Drug Sensors Instantly Detect Cocaine, Heroin and Fentanyl – Even When Combined With Other Drugs

Researchers have developed a new generation of high-performance DNA aptamers and highly accurate drug sensors for cocaine and other opioids. The sensors are drug specific and can detect trace amounts of fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine – even when...
4-Mar-2024 3:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

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Researcher Explains How Santa Delivers Presents in One Night

Don’t believe in Santa Claus? Magic, you say? In fact, science and technology explain how Santa is able to deliver toys to good girls and boys around the world in one night, according to a North Carolina State University researcher.
6-Dec-2011 7:35 AM EST

Food-Safety Expert Can Offer Tips For Thanksgiving

At Thanksgiving, small mistakes in the kitchen can lead to food-borne illness. Dr. Ben Chapman, food-safety specialist and assistant professor of family and consumer sciences at North Carolina State University, can offer suggestions to ensure your...
9-Nov-2011 7:00 AM EST

Expert Can Discuss Importance Of Labor Day During Recession, Election Year

As American workers are faced with the “Great Recession” of the 21st century, how are they faring this Labor Day? What role might organized labor play, or not play, in the upcoming fall 2010 elections?
30-Aug-2010 8:00 AM EDT

Experts Can Offer Insight On Haiti Disaster

The eyes of the world are now focused on Haiti, and the effects of the recent earthquake disaster on the island nation are still unfolding. North Carolina State University researchers can help explain what happened, what may happen next, and what it...
13-Jan-2010 3:30 PM EST

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Study Sheds Light on Bacteria Associated With Pre-Term Birth

New findings add to the emerging picture of Gardnerella's effect on human health....
20 May 2024

Study Explores Role of Epigenetics, Environment in Differing Alzheimer’s Risk Between Black and White Communities

Environmentally caused alterations to genes can affect Alzheimer's risk....
14 May 2024

New Technique Improves Finishing Time for 3D-Printed Machine Parts

The technique allows users to identify potential flaws without having to remove printed parts from the manufac...
14 May 2024

Daylight Saving Time Spells Bad News for Healthy Habits

Researchers found the onset of daylight saving time is associated with increased consumption of processed snac...
13 May 2024

North Carolina Schools Have Lost Significant Progress in Racial Integration

A study of North Carolina public schools finds that even as enrollment becomes more racially diverse, schools ...
09 May 2024

New Tool Pinpoints Security Fixes in Open-Source Software Updates

The tool makes it easier for programmers to determine which security updates are necessary to prevent vulnerab...
09 May 2024

Business-Focused Anti-Poverty Initiatives Can Have Unintended Consequences

A new study of small businesses created to address poverty found the entrepreneurial model could create social...
07 May 2024

Growing a Homerun Peanut

Nearly all of the peanuts we munch on at baseball games come from the peanut breeding program at NC State Univ...
06 May 2024

Reds and Whites: A Work of Art Anchors Centennial Campus

Thanks to an NC State connection, a masterwork by world-renowned artist Larry Bell is cementing a sense of pla...
06 May 2024

Ricoh Opens Center of Excellence on Centennial Campus

Ricoh, a global provider of integrated digital services and print and imaging solutions, cited proximity to ta...
06 May 2024

VR Poses Privacy Risks for Kids. A New Study Finds Parents Aren’t as Worried as They Should Be.

The study also found few parents are taking active steps to address security and privacy issues, such as using...
06 May 2024

When Injecting Pure Spin into Chiral Materials, Direction Matters

Researchers from North Carolina State University and the University of Pittsburgh studied how the spin informa...
03 May 2024

Birdwatching can help students improve mental health, reduce distress

A new study finds people who have nature-based experiences report better well-being and lower psychological di...
03 May 2024

Mammals on ‘Sky Islands’ May Be Threatened By Climate Change, Human Development

A new study sheds light on how climate change and human development threaten mammal species living in isolated...
26 Apr 2024

Four Faculty Members Win Outstanding Research Award, Induction to Research Leadership Academy

This year's winners come from four different colleges: Education, Engineering, Natural Resources and Textiles....
25 Apr 2024

CHIPS Funding Fuels Two New Initiatives Backed by NC State

With over $50 million through the CHIPS and Science Act, our university will lead a regional innovation hub fo...
24 Apr 2024

What to Know About Avian Influenza in N.C. Dairy Cattle

Virus expert Matt Koci, from the Prestage Department of Poultry Science, sheds light on highly pathogenic avia...
24 Apr 2024

Researchers Show It’s Possible to Teach Old Magnetic Cilia New Tricks

Researchers have demonstrated a technique for creating magnetic cilia that can be “reprogrammed” to change...
24 Apr 2024

FUJIFILM Diosynth Partnership Highlights Economic Relations Between North Carolina and Japan

Chancellor Woodson joined Governor Cooper and state leaders for the FUJIFILM Diosynth expansion announcement: ...
23 Apr 2024

‘Sunny Day Flooding’ Increases Fecal Contamination of Coastal Waters

The findings suggest public health officials should be aware of potential risks associated with tidal flooding...
23 Apr 2024

Study Compares Salmonella Rates in Backyard, Commercial Poultry Farm Samples

Researchers find less Salmonella on backyard poultry farms. But concerns remain about the prevalence of multid...
23 Apr 2024

Prolific Partners in Research

For 20 years, the Proposal Development Unit has helped NC State colleges and faculty secure more than $1 billi...
18 Apr 2024

6 Faculty Members Elected as AAAS Fellows

Faculty receive distinguished honor from the world's largest scientific society....
18 Apr 2024

physics world
NC State Researchers Use Machine Learning To Create a Fabric-Based Touch Sensor

A new study from NC State University combines three-dimensional embroidery techniques with machine learni...
17 Apr 2024

In Life Cycle Diagrams, Small Changes Make a Big Difference

A new study finds simple changes in life cycle diagrams can improve student understanding of key biology conce...
17 Apr 2024

NC State Researchers Predict Active Hurricane Season

2024's hurricane season should be more active than usual....
16 Apr 2024

N.C. Plant Sciences Initiative Launches Startup Incubator and Seed2Grow Program

The N.C. Plant Sciences incubator provides lab and office space for emerging companies taking discoveries from...
16 Apr 2024

Why Figuring Out How Potassium Is Destroyed in Stars Is Important to Understanding the Universe

If you want to know where elements come from, look to the stars....
15 Apr 2024

Museum Partnership Invites the Public Into Research

Within the glass-walled labs of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, you’ll find NC State faculty ...
15 Apr 2024

Synthetic Platelets Stanch Bleeding, Promote Healing in Animal Models

Researchers have developed synthetic platelets that can be used to stop bleeding and enhance healing at the si...
11 Apr 2024