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Studying Ice to Understand Astrophysical Bodies

Understanding the formation and evolution of ice in astrophysical environments can provide information about the physical conditions encountered in space and the chemical similarities and differences between planetary and stellar systems. At the AVS...
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Evolution of Catalysts, Real-World Applications

Electrocatalysts accelerate energy conversion, which is an integral component to many industrially important technologies, such as fuel cells. While many models show promising results to improving this approach, technologies to demonstrate a...
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Improving Optical Characteristics of Thin Glass

In recent years, glass has become an important part of our day-to-day lives, acting as a physical boundary between humans and digital information and communication. At the AVS 66th International Symposium and Exhibition, Albert Fahey, an associate...
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Improving Mirrors for Astronomical Studies

Future space-based telescopes that may replace the Hubble Space Telescope will require access to the far-ultraviolet region, where light has a very short wavelength. However, astronomical observations in this region present challenges due to the...
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White Beetles Inspire Understanding to Improve Energy Conservation

Nature has inspired innovative research throughout human history, and three scientists recently studied white beetles to understand the physics of light scattering. At the AVS 66th International Symposium and Exhibition, researchers will talk about...
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Medical Devices Modified with Nanoscale Beam Technology Thwart Dangerous Bacteria

Scientists at Exogenesis Corporation are using accelerated neural atom beam technology, a low-energy accelerated particle beam, to bombard the surface of the medical devices on a very small scale. They found bacterial cells had a decreased ability...
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Space Hardware Contamination Control Protocols Get Update

Scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab want to know more about the potential harmful effects of organic contamination on space exploration hardware and how to prevent it. They will talk about their research at the 66th annual AVS International...
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Using Plasma Jets to Deliver Cancer Medication

Modern advances in oncology have significantly improved cancer survival rates. However, personalized treatment methods are necessary, since tumors may behave differently for different patients. At the AVS 66th International Symposium and Exhibition,...
17-Oct-2019 8:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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