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Genome of Tropical Freshwater Fish May Reveal Conservation Clues

The genetic evolution of freshwater fish in Ecuador could unlock new insights for conservation ecologists. A new collaboration between biologists and computer scientists at DePaul University seeks to sequence the genomes of these species.
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From the Playroom to the Landfill: DePaul University Researchers Examine Environmental Impact of Children’s Toys

New research from two DePaul University alumnae delves into the environmental impact of popular children’s toys. The experience working on the research helped both graduates launch careers in sustainability.
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Fear, Social Context (Not Mental Illness) Fuel Violent Extremist Views

Christine Reyna is director of the Social and Intergroup Perception Lab at DePaul University, where researchers examine how individuals and groups legitimize and leverage prejudice and discrimination to maintain status, cultural values and systems...
20-May-2022 11:15 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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NIH awards Joseph Mikels $2.6 million to research motivation and health

Tapping into positive emotions and social connections may be key to motivating older adults to exercise. DePaul University psychology professor Joseph Mikels has been awarded a $2.6 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to continue...
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Study: Nurses experienced ‘moral distress’ on frontlines of COVID-19 pandemic

A new study from researchers at DePaul University’s School of Nursing documents the emotions of 100 nurses who cared for patients during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Faculty members and students interviewed a diverse group of nurses...
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First International Initiative to End Street Homelessness Unveils Important Successes and Systemic Failures

In the first global initiative aimed at ending street homelessness, 13 cities around the world, including Chicago, discovered key ingredients for success along with common systemic barriers. This included an overreliance on charity and faith groups...
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New data reveals the giving patterns underlying the growth of donor-advised funds

Donor-advised funds (DAFs) are an increasingly popular way to contribute to charity by allowing a donor to store future contributions in a fund that provides a tax benefit upon deposit and accrues interest.
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Evolution in Chicago’s clover: DePaul University researchers help chart global human impact on nature

Jalene LaMontagne, associate professor of ecology, and Windsor Aguirre, associate professor of evolutionary biology, are among hundreds of researchers who collected clover in 160 cities all over the world. The research, published this week in the...
18-Mar-2022 1:35 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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DePaul University faculty experts available to discuss back-to-school topics

National education discussions from teacher shortages to curriculum requirements and school safety have been front and center throughout the summer. With many school districts close to opening the 2022-23 academic year, including Chicago Public...
10-Aug-2022 12:15 PM EDT

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Experts from DePaul University to discuss mass shootings

26-May-2022 1:15 PM EDT

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Experts: Migration policy has reached a crossroads

In the midst of more than 4 million Ukrainians leaving their home country due to the invasion by Russia, immigration and migration policy has reached a critical crossroads, says a pair of scholars who will speak at DePaul University’s Migration...
18-Apr-2022 4:20 PM EDT

DePaul University experts available from refugee studies, political science and law to discuss Russian invasion of Ukraine

3-Mar-2022 3:05 PM EST

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Criminologist discusses intersection of criminal justice and immigration

Immigration has been a politically charged topic for decades in the U.S. What’s missing from the discussion is consideration of criminal justice practice and policy, says Xavier Perez, a criminology faculty member in DePaul University’s College...
1-Mar-2022 3:30 PM EST

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Researcher: K-12 school counselors play vital role in child mental health, but need help

A U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory released in December, titled “Protecting Youth Mental Health,” unveiled several troubling trends when it comes to the mental health of school-aged children.
7-Feb-2022 11:05 AM EST

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Racial disparities in flu mortality persist in many large U.S. cities

As flu season approaches, public health officials are urging people to get a flu shot. Many communities of color are at higher risk of death from both influenza and COVID-19, says DePaul University health sciences faculty member Julia Lippert, and...
22-Oct-2021 11:55 AM EDT

All eyes on China, US at upcoming UN Climate Change Conference

19-Oct-2021 5:20 PM EDT

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