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When in doubt never fear, Al is here

Partial-observation mazes in virtual reality have been used to find that they can decode from brain activity the subjects' abilities to predict their positions and scenes within the maze, as well as the degree of confidence in their predictions....
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Nanodiamonds Are a Cell's Best Friend

Temperature-detecting nanodiamonds have been developed with silicon-vacancy color centers that gauge luminescence inside cells. As the smallest nanodiamond with a mean size of 20 nm, this particle enables smoother entry into organelles as well as...
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To Tax or Not to Tax, Is That Even a Question?

A solution is proposed for evaluating tax efficiency, a formula expressing the marginal cost of public funds as a ratio of a net loss in social surplus to a net increase in tax revenue. This formula is derived from only a few indices, common across...
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Using Holograms to Illuminate De Sitter Space

The holographic principle is used to describe the expanding universe in de Sitter space. It provides a solution to Einstein's general relativity equation with a positive cosmological constant. The proposed model uses a negative cosmological constant...
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Viruses of a Feather

Helical nucleocapsids in infected cells are composed of Marburg viral genomic RNA and nucleoproteins, or NPs, that are structurally similar to those of the Ebola virus. Future drug development may be possible based on the targeting of nucleocapsid...
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The Yin and Yang of Empathy

Social ties may demonstrate both a strengthening of interpersonal relationships and also a manifestation of empathic distress and stigma-related anxiety. The pandemic has provided substantial anecdotal data concerning anxiety, conflicts, and...
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KyotoU PEGS away at catching quakes at light speed

A novel AI-based approach to detect earthquakes early uses prompt elasto-gravity signals, or PEGS, gravitational changes generated by large-mass motion in megaquakes. PEGS carry information about an ongoing earthquake at the speed of light, arriving...
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Biological Clocks Set for Skin Immunity

Researchers have discovered epidermal immunity from nighttime bacterial invasion in mice when the expression of the CXCL14 signaling protein was higher than during the daytime. The circadian-dependent role of CXCL14 is crucial as it transports...
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Cells Know Their Math

A mathematical model that successfully reproduces cellular patterns observed in sensory body tissue has been developed based on intensities of adhesion molecules as input parameters. A new numerical method for obtaining the solution of the model...
21-Jul-2022 12:05 AM EDT

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