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Home Test to Treat program extends nationwide

The federal government has expanded the Home Test to Treat program, an entirely virtual community health program that offers free COVID-19 health services: at-home rapid tests, telehealth sessions and at-home treatments, to eligible participants...
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A helmet with sensors records brain function

Researchers have designed a lightweight helmet with tiny LEGO-size sensors that scan the brain while a person moves.  The helmet is the first of its kind to accurately record magnetic fields generated by brain activity while people are in motion,...
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Clinical study suggests measuring uterine muscle activity could inform strategies for safer and faster childbirth

Artificially causing – or inducing – labor is becoming increasingly common, yet this practice comes with risks and its level of success is difficult to foresee. But now, new research may offer a way to help predict outcomes and improve the...
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New insight into the immune response forges a path toward improved medical implants

Introducing medical devices — commonly made of materials such as titanium, silicone, or collagen — into our bodies can elicit a host of different immune responses. While some responses can harm our bodies, others can help heal them. Researchers...
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Researchers aim to streamline brain surgery with a new soft robotic system

Navigating the labyrinthine vasculature of the brain with standard surgical instruments can be incredibly challenging, even for the steadiest of hands. But with some robotic assistance, brain surgeons could potentially operate with far greater ease.
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Therapeutic nanocarriers reduce lung inflammation in mice

There is no cure or FDA-approved therapy for acute respiratory distress syndrome, which has a high rate of mortality. Inflammation plays a major role in developing ARDS. Researchers at Ohio State University developed therapeutic nanocarriers using...
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NIBIB training program aims to diversify the biomedical workforce

Two participants in an NIBIB training program that aims to diversify the biomedical workforce share their stories of how the program influenced their career paths.
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Directing vaccines to dendritic cells

Dendritic cells are key orchestrators of the immune response, but most vaccination strategies don’t effectively target them. NIBIB-funded researchers have developed biodegradable nanoparticles that are designed to deliver mRNA cargo to dendritic...
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