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Certain State Laws Aimed at Limiting Alcohol Use in General Population Associated with Lower Alcohol Consumption by Women of Reproductive Age

Women aged 18 to 44 living in states that outlaw Sunday liquor sales or driving with a blood alcohol concentration greater than .08 drink less than their counterparts in other states, according to a new study recently published in Alcohol: Clinical...
17-Sep-2023 7:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

U.S. States Maintain Outdated Laws That Create Barriers to Screening and Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder

Eighteen U.S. states have laws that allow insurance companies to deny health care payments to treat people who were intoxicated when they sustained an injury, despite evidence showing that these laws prevent people from receiving treatment for...
15-Sep-2023 7:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Young Adults’ Simultaneous Use of Alcohol and Marijuana Linked to More Drinking, More Negative Alcohol Consequences, and More Hours High

Up to one in four young adults use alcohol and marijuana simultaneously (i.e., use at the same time with overlapping effects), a behavior linked to a greater risk of adverse consequences. Given the expanding legalization of non-medical marijuana...
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Shared Genetic Factors Influence Risk for Both Disordered Eating and Alcohol Use in Late Adolescence

Certain genetic influences contribute to disordered eating and problematic alcohol use, leaving some people vulnerable to both conditions, according to a large study of late adolescent twins. Previous research has found concurrent eating disorders...
14-Sep-2023 8:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Greater Enjoyment, Not Greater Tolerance, May Motivate Heavy Drinking among High-Risk Drinkers

People who drink heavily experience heightened pleasurable effects throughout a drinking episode, which may be what motivates them to continue drinking, and not, as is commonly believed, that they require more alcohol in order to experience these...
11-Aug-2023 8:25 AM EDT Add to Favorites

People with Severe Alcohol Use Disorder Have Impaired Ability to Learn From Others' Painful Experiences, Raising Their Risk for Ongoing Dangerous Drinking, Study Suggests

People with alcohol use disorder (AUD) are less able to learn from others' negative experiences, potentially rendering them more vulnerable to maintaining their dangerous drinking or relapsing, according to the first study of its type. The study...
10-Aug-2023 8:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Brain Imaging May Predict Motivation for Behavior Change in Alcohol Use Disorder

Brain imaging of neuron activity in certain areas of the brain may predict whether an individual is likely to successfully respond to interventions to reduce their drinking. In a study published in Alcohol: Clinical and Experimental Research,...
9-Aug-2023 8:40 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Hazardous Drinking in Young Adults: Personal Characteristics Can Help Identify Effective Interventions

Young adults whose drinking lands them in the emergency room respond differently to different interventions to reduce their hazardous drinking, and those differences may be driven by certain personal characteristics.
26-Jul-2023 8:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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The Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) provides a forum for communication among researchers who share common interests in understanding the disease of alcoholism and alcohol’s various effects, both positive and negative, on the body and behavior. The Society's purpose is to promote research that can lead the way toward prevention and treatment of alcoholism, and a reduction in the harmful effects of alcohol in society. RSA is the leading international society of research scientists working on alcohol problems, with over 1,500 members in the United States and around the world.



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