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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Natalie Bouaravong Media Inquiries 415-568-3445
Bekah Darksmith Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Sheryl Denker Communications Editor 1(415)624-1200
Liza Gross Science Writer 415-624-1214
Bethany Jones Journal Media Manager 415-590-3558
Veronique Kiermer Publisher & Executive Editor
David Knutson Public Relations 651-260-8288
Jen Laloup Editorial Media Manager 415-624-1200
Jose Mendez Publications Assistant plospathogens@plos.o... 415-624-1200 x1004
Paul Ocampo Scientific Media Relations 415-624-1224
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Hidden Profiles

(these users are hidden from view in your Newsroom, but they may still be able to upload releases and perform other tasks depending on their individual settings)

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