National Cancer Institute (NCI) at NIH

Name and Address
National Cancer Institute (NCI) at NIH
News office: Press
31 Center Dr., MSC 2580, Rm. 11A03
Bethesda MD 20892
United States
Phone news office: 301-496-6641
Phone main:
Fax news office: 301-496-0846

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Media Contacts and Active Users

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
James Alexander Press Officer ncipressofficers@mai... 301-496-6641
Richard Folkers Public Affairs: FNLCR folkersr@mail.nih.go...
Peter Garrett Director, office of Communications and Public Liaison peter.garrett@nih.go... 240-276-6621
Nina Ghanem External Relations
Shannon Hatch Branch Chief, Media Relations 301-496-6526
Katherine Jenkins Press Officer ncipressofficers@mai... 301-496-6641
Emma Spaulding Press Officer ncipressofficers@mai... 301-496-6641
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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Margaret Farrell Communications Specialist farrellm@mail.nih.go... 301-435-7784
Chelsey Jahn Public Affairs Specialist
Cindy Lollar Web Team 301-594-5712
Daryl McGrath Marketing Specialist dmcgrath@mail.nih.go... 240 252-4547
Mike Miller Senior Science Writer ncipressofficers@mai... 301-496-6641
Linda Perrett Science/Technical Writer, Editor, Press Officer lindaperrett@yahoo.c... 301-496-6641
Mary Anne Van Duyn vanduynm@mail.nih.go... 301-402-3176