Princeton University

Name and Address
Princeton University
News office: Communications
Stanhope Hall, 2nd Fl.
Princeton NJ 08544
United States
Phone news office: 609-258-3601
Phone main: 609-258-3000
Fax news office: 609-258-1301

Contact Directory


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Media Contacts and Active Users

(these users are visible on your Newsroom as contacts for journalists)

Name Title Beat Email Phone
Ben Chang Director of Media Relations and University Spokesperson ben.chang@princeton.... 609-258-9261
Gerry Cohen Senior Associate Dean of Strategic Communications
Daniel Day Assistant VP for Communications 609-258-6108
B. Rose Huber Communications Manager & Sr. Writer brhuber@princeton.ed... 609-257-0157
Susan Promislo Director of Communications Strategy promislo@princeton.e... 609-258-9605
Min Pullan Acting Director of Media Relations mpullan@princeton.ed... 609-258-9045

Expert Directory ´╗┐Profiles Manage Experts

(these users are faculty profiles in the Newswise Expert Directory and are not shown under the list of media contacts on your Newsroom)

Name Title Beat Email Phone

Hidden Profiles

(these users are hidden from view in your Newsroom, but they may still be able to upload releases and perform other tasks depending on their individual settings)

Name Title Beat Email Phone
Emily Aronson Campus Life Writer & Special Projects Assistant Primary Media contact 609-258-6019
Patricia Coen Senior Associate Director of Editorial Strategy 609-258-3308
Jennifer Greenstein Altmann Assistant Editor, Princeton University Bulletin 000-000-0000
Mahlon Lovett Strategic Projects Manager mlovett@princeton.ed... 609-258-5726
Elizabeth Patten Assistant to the Assistant VP for Communications epatten@princeton.ed... 609-258-5727
Teresa Riordan Senior Writer School of Engineering and Applied Science triordan@princeton.e... 609-258-9754
Steven Schultz Communications Director, School of Engineering School of Engineering and Applied Sciences sschultz@princeton.e... 609-258-3617
Ruth Stevens Senior Director for Strategic Communications rstevens@princeton.e... 609-258-5735
Rie Yamauchi University Services Marketing & Communications Dir University Services rie@princeton.EDu 609-258-0086
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