University of Rochester Medical Center

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University of Rochester Medical Center
News office: Public Relations and Communications
601 Elmwood Ave., Box 643
Rochester NY 14642
United States
Phone news office: 585-275-3676
Phone main:
Fax news office: 585-256-3805

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Lori Barrette Associate Director, Communications Gastronenterology, Geriatrics, Long-term Care, Pharmacy, Plastic Surgery, Women's Health lori_barrette@urmc.r... 585-275-1310
Karen Black Senior Public Relations Associate Dentistry karen_black@urmc.roc... 585-273-2864
Emily Boynton Senior Science Writer emily_boynton@urmc.r... 585-273-1757
Karin Christensen Senior Public Relations Associate Cardiology, Cariothoracic Surgery, HIV/AIDS, Ophthalmology, Transplant, Vascular Karin_Christensen@ur... 585-275-1311
Teri D'Agostino Director, Public Relations and Communications Administrative issues, Patient Safety/Quality teri_dagostino@urmc.... 585-275-3676
Sean Dobbin Sr. PR Associate Pediatrics sean_dobbin@urmc.roc... 585-273-2840
Mark Michaud Associate Director, Communications Community health, government relations, economic development, biotech, technology transfer, and neur 585-273-4790
Leslie Orr Senior Science Editor Biomedical Genetics, Cancer, Community/Preventative Medicine , Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine leslie_orr@urmc.roch... 585-275-5774
Chip Partner Assistant Vice President for Communications bruce_partner@urmc.r... (585) 275-3676
Germaine Reinhardt Project Director Burns, Emergency Medicine, Imaging Sciences, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics/Musculoskeletal germaine_reinhardt@u... 585-275-6517
Katie Sauer Communications Coordinator Pediatrics, Poison and Drug Information Center 585-276-4298
Leslie White Senior Public Relations Associate cardiology/neurosurgery/ophthalmology 585-273-1119
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