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University of Oxford
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University Offices, Wellington Sq.
Oxford OX1 2JD
United Kingdom
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Media Contacts and Active Users

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Alexander Buxton Head of Research and Innovation Communications arts alexander.buxton@adm...
Stuart Gillespie Public Affairs Director stuart.gillespie@adm... +44 18-652-83877
Jeremy Harris Director jeremy.harris@admin.... +44 1865 280529
Bobbie O'Neill Directorate Coordinator and Executive Assistant roberta.oneill@admin... +44 1865 280529
Stephen Rouse Head of News & Information Office stephen.rouse@admin.... +44 1865 280533
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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Hidden Profiles

(these users are hidden from view in your Newsroom, but they may still be able to upload releases and perform other tasks depending on their individual settings)

Name Title Beat Email Phone
Helen Carasso Course Leader, Department of Education helen.carasso@admin.... +44 186 528 0529
Grace Haydon Press Assistant 44-186-528-0528
Andrew Jephcoat Visiting Professor, Department of Earth Sciences +44 1865 272067
Clare Woodcock Information Officer clare.woodcock@admin... +44 1865 280730