NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Name and Address
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
News office: News and Information
Code 900
Greenbelt MD 20771
United States
Phone news office: 301-441-4031
Phone main:
Fax news office: 301-441-2432

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Michael Cabbage Associate Chief for Communications
Edward Campion News Chief, Office of Public Affairs edward.s.campion@nas... 301-286-0697
Lynn Chandler Public Affairs Spec. Earth Science, Space lynn.chandler-1@nasa... 301-286-2806
Jim Closs Deputy News Chief 301-286-4044
Jarrett Cohen Information Officer Computational Technologies Project jarrett.s.cohen@nasa... 301-286-2744
Rani Gran Associate TV Producer Space Science 301-286-2483
Mark Hess Space Science 301-286-6255
Nancy Neal-Jones Public Affairs Spec. Space Science nancy.g.neal@nasa.go... 301-286-0039
Cynthia O'Carroll Public Affairs Spec. Earth Science cynthia.m.ocarroll@n... 240-684-0821
Francis Reddy Senior Science Writer francis.j.reddy@nasa... 301-286-4453
Adam Voiland Earth Science News Writer adam.voiland@gmail.c...
Elizabeth Zubritsky Science Writer Elizabeth.a.zubritsk... 301-614-5438
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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Rob Gutro Deputy News Chief Robert.J.Gutro@nasa.... 301-286-4044