Title: COVID-19: A wake-up call for the need for new antiviral weapons Article Link
Title: EXPERT PITCH: Ebola outbreak worsens because of unstable political climate Article Link
Title: Vaccines for everyone Article Link
Title: Robots Without Borders: Finding new ways to treat Ebola Article Link
Title: NIAID-Sponsored Clinical Trial of Ebola Vaccines Begins at Cincinnati Children's Article Link
Title: Pre-existing Immunity to Dengue and West Nile Viruses May Cause Increased Risk in Zika-Infected Article Link
Title: New ‘Trojan Horse’ Antibody Strategy Shows Promise Against All Ebola Viruses Article Link
Title: Experimental Immunotherapy Zaps Two Most Lethal Ebola Virus Strains Article Link
Title: Study Identifies Ebola Virus’s Achilles’ Heel Article Link
Title: Measles cases predicted to almost double in Ebola epidemic countries Article Link
Title: Reasons why winter gives flu a leg up could be key to prevention Article Link
Title: Electron-beam technology a better way to sanitize ebola waste? Article Link
Title: CDC Charges Johns Hopkins to Lead Development of Ebola Training Module for Nurses, Physicians and Health Care Workers Article Link
Title: Will My Child Get Ebola? Article Link
Title: Ebola: Air Force flight surgeon gives guidance in screening aircrews exposed to threat areas, and guidelines to avoid contact with the virus Article Link

University of Michigan School of Public Health Ebola Expert Pitch from Newswise on Vimeo.

Title: Contact Tracking and Public Health Infrastructure, Not Banning Flights, Are Key to Stopping Chain of Ebola Transmission; Michigan Expert Explains Article Link

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