Newswise — Two Virginia Tech presidential scholars are available for interview on the “inevitable” comparisons happening between Presidents Trump and Nixon.


Charles Walcott

“Comparisons are inevitable and they can both enlighten and mislead. In this case, since the end-game in each case could be impeachment and the standard for impeachment is subjective, the comparisons may actually be helpful.”

Karen Hult

“Whether the analogy is appropriate doubtless is besides the point. No one should be very surprised that either firing FBI Director James Comey or mentioning taped conversations — possibly a bluff or a threat — produced the outcry it has among some. Perhaps a better question is who outside the Washington bubble or among those who obsessively follow current affairs is paying much attention.”


Professor Emeritus Charles Walcott has served on the board of the nonpartisan White House Transition Project as a contributing scholar providing briefing materials to the White House Chief of Staff and the Office of Management and Administration. Walcott's research over the past two decades has focused on understanding the structural evolution and workings of the White House and its offices.

Karen Hult is the chair of the Department of Political Science at Virginia Tech’s College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. She also serves on the board of the White House Transition Project, having authored briefing materials for the White House Counsel's Office and the White House Office of the Staff Secretary. Her research and teaching includes organizational and institutional theories, the U.S. presidency, executive branch bureaucracies, and the U.S. judiciary.

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