Athens, Ga. – Two University of Georgia communication law experts are available to speak about the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to repeal Obama-era net neutrality protections.

William Lee, professor of journalism in UGA’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, studies the legal problems of public communication. He serves as a consultant to media firms, public policy organizations and law firms throughout the U.S. In addition, he has testified as an expert witness in 28 lawsuits involving mass media practices, government control of media markets and government control of the internet.

Jonathan Peters, an assistant professor of journalism in UGA’s Grady College, researches communication law and policy. He studies how internet companies make decisions regarding the content they host and the speech they intermediate, along with the role that First Amendment principles play in informing and checking those decisions. He also studies how new media are reshaping the gathering, production and distribution of news and information, with the effect of challenging long-held legal principles.

Lee may be reached by phone at 706-353-1370 or 706-340-1625

Peters may be reached by phone at 740-591-0007