The memos issued this week by the Department of Homeland Security outlining enforcement of the president’s executive orders on immigration compound the suffering the orders have created – and lay out a path toward greater raids, detention and deportation, an expert in immigration law said.

Shana Tabak is a visiting assistant professor of global studies at Georgia State University’s Global Studies Institute in Atlanta, a metro area with a large immigrant and refugee population.

Tabak is available directly at [email protected], and her bio is at Her expertise includes immigration law, asylum and refugee law, and international human rights.

“Despite the public outrage that stemmed from the White House’s executive order banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, the human suffering that is already emerging from Trump’s first two executive orders on immigration may ultimately have the greater impact,” she explained.

“These E.O.’s, and the corresponding enforcement memos issued on Monday, pave the way for a web of raids, detention, and deportation that will target immigrant communities, people of color, religious minorities, and, indeed, anyone suspected of belonging in any of these enumerated categories,” Tabak said.

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