Costs related to the expanded access procedure under which critically ill patients can  try experimental drugs, biologics, and medical devices are often overlooked. These costs, according to Clinical Research Pathways Executive Director Marjorie A. Speers, Ph.D. can become a barrier for patients, physicians, and product developers trying to use the FDA process. In a recent panel discussion at the Expanded Access Summit in Washington D.C., she warned audience members that many desperately ill patients can't afford to try treatments of last resort. In a new blog post based on her comments, she said, "If investigational drugs, biologics, and medical devices were more affordable, expanded access would be an option for more desperately ill patients and their providers who can give patients and their families another chance for hope." Speers and her fellow discussants presented a range of options that could help solve the cost problem. Speers is an expert on the topic and, through her non-profit organization Clinical Research Pathways, serves a a resource for healthcare providers, patients, and others who seek to use expanded access. She is available to talk to journalists about the issue.